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    How to Make your Fire TV a Digital Photo Frame or Screensaver

    Having a slideshow of your loved ones best photographs is a great feature to transform your living room into a huge family moment. It will surely put a smile upon your face to walk by and just see your children smile on the big screen. Your Amazon Fire TV device can do that for you in a very...
  2. R

    How to Set Up a Screensaver for your Amazon Fire Stick

    The biggest highlight of the Amazon Firestick has been the easily customizable options made available to the user. This has allowed the user to customize their settings while watching the shows or movies accessed through the Internet on the big screen. Many users have bought the Amazon Fire...
  3. R

    How to Change the Screensaver on Your Roku

    The screensavers appear when the Roku device stay inactive for a period, this time can be specified by the user. You can also choose your own screensaver by downloading stunning and live screensavers from the channel stores or go with the default ones provided by Roku. Adding screensavers can...
  4. R

    How to Personalize the Amazon Fire TV Screensaver

    Amazon Fire TV allows you to set up any album of your preference as your screensaver. By default, the screensaver is activated if you leave Amazon Fire TV idle for some time. Unless you set up your preferred album, Amazon will display its pre-loaded images as screensavers. In addition to...
  5. J

    How to fix black screen on Micromax a74 and screen saver do

    Screensaver does not on the screen only black screen .... says no external memory on Micromax a76
  6. H

    Lenovo idea pad stuck in screensaver...

    My Lenovo ideapad just stays on the screensaver and the only option buttons that appear are WiFi, ease of access, and shutdown. How do I fix this? I restarted it and it just goes back to the screensaver again.
  7. G

    Lenovo 100 shows darkscreen

    My Lenovo 100 is shows dark screen, nothing else than screensaver and cursor.
  8. A

    Message preview lockscreen

    I want to send a text to someone with an iphone without them being able to see the full message on their lockscreen? Is there anyway that I can send a text message to someone with an iPhone without them having a complete preview of the message- even if they have their lock screen notifications...
  9. C

    Screen frozen startup

    On startup my screen is frozen, only a black and white image (it's not a screensaver) appears. What's wrong and is it worth trying to fix? I can't get anything else to come up. Took a photo of the screen but don't see a way to upload it here. It's just a white screen with a splash of black. The...
  10. M

    No input - Is this HDMI Handshake problem or something else?

    Hello! I apologize if question of this type has been already answered. Sorry, I couldn't find the answer. The hardware I use: i3 3225 + GB GA H77N WIFI + GT1030 (Kodi 17.6), Yamaha AVR RXV583, LG C6v. The problem I have is: I turn everything on (HTPC is usually in sleep mode, not completely...
  11. J

    Is it worth it?

    I guess i just need confirmation but, is this worth repairing? I know it will be expensive but i really don't want to throw it away. Backstory: It was my daughters 6th birthday. We had a party that involved a pinata. My 2yo son, seeing how pinata'a work, grabbed the stick and started bapping...
  12. B

    Screen Failure Reason Screen Saver Turn Off

    Does Disabling the screen saver and turn off screen on laptop damage the screen on the long ride like 7 or 8 months? Like in the link below
  13. K

    HP Stream will not do anything

    Hello, my HP stream laptop will not do anything. The screensaver is on the screen. I can login. The HP logo will come up, then nothing. And it keeps saying error and can not reset. I have no recovery cd/DVD, but I do have 2 Hp laptops with black screens. Help!!
  14. 1

    Solved! i need to factory reset or hard reset

    when you log in it goes to the screensaver well that's what it looks like. there is no recovery disk or windows on this acer aspire one AOD255E. I haven't found a way to factory reset it because alt f10 does not work and ive also tried the f9 and nothing
  15. 1shado1

    Weird Screensaver Issue

    Wasn't sure where to ask this. I have the screensaver on my laptop set to activate if I haven't touched my wireless mouse for 5 minutes, and then have the screen set to shut off after another 5 minutes. When I am watching videos through my browser (Chrome), it somehow knows to not activate...
  16. P

    No PICTURE on TV when connected via HDMI cable

    I have connected a Asus laptop to a Toshiba TV via HDMI lead, the sound quality is great - but I cannot get a picture. All I can see on the TV is the screensaver or background from my laptop - no icons are visible either. I have tried the Display section on Control Panel and ensured that the...
  17. D

    when i open laptop i can only see screensaver and nothing else

    my laptop has frozen on the screensaver won,t let me do anything else and there are no apps to click on
  18. P

    Galaxy s3 phone freeze and lagging

    Hi I have screensaver turned off but every so often it goes into like screensaver mode it does the blue circle and samsung logo and while its doing this my phone will not respond properly when you try and draw your pattern or do anything the touchscreen is about 5 seconds behind what you do and...
  19. CAaronD

    Screensaver virus removal?

    I've clicked on one of those links to download the screensaver virus, that traded all your items out of curiosity.I had logged out of my Steam account before I did it though. Nothing was lost. I'll probably change my password later too. Now, how do I remove it? I haven't touched it yet. It's...
  20. A

    Create original screensavers for your laptop

    Screensavers used to do just that – save a computer screen from getting ghost images on it. Now, screensavers are used as entertainment or as a way to display information. You can change your screensaver at any time on your laptop. You can choose from all sorts of designs, and you can also...
  21. G

    How To Use Your iPhoto Library as a Screensaver

    If you are tired using the same images on your screensaver again and again or you simply want to personalize it, you can use your own photos from your iPhoto library. All you have to do is flag the pictures or images you want to appear as your screensaver and unflag those which you don't want to...
  22. viveknayyar007

    I Keep Getting the Windows Screensaver during Video Playback in Winamp Player

    Almost every media player that is available in the market today has a default configuration according to which as soon as it plays any video file, the default Windows screensaver gets automatically disabled temporarily. When the video playback is stopped, the screensaver gets the re-enabled...
  23. R

    Remember the dolly sheep "screensaver"?

    I am trying to remember the name of the program that I had back when I was using win98, it isnt really a screensaver, you open it and it will spawn a fatty cartoon sheep on the screen and you can drag and drop it arround, it will stay on the top the open windows, and it walks, fall, take a bath...
  24. P

    Display loss

    Hello,can any one help please, my new acer 14" laptop which was a DISPLAY COMPUTER in a store loses its display after 2 minutes,it reverts to the screensaver "bubbles" thanks don
  25. R

    Samsung Focus - Strange problem and need an easier solution

    Ok, so I've had this phone for several days now and it's been working great but I just had a problem that confused the hell out of me. When the phone is turns on, you need to swipe the screensaver up to get to the main page. The problem is that my screensaver turned black, and the only thing I...
  26. P

    Blinkx beat

    how do I uninstall this thing. I never signed up for it and it takes over my screen and the screensaver?
  27. G

    Toshiba Stuck on Screensaver

    Hello, I have a satellite A105-S2101 that will ask for my log in password but then the screen saver screen appears but no icons. Any advise is appreciated
  28. J

    Winlogon keeps popping on startup, need help immediately

    I received a message from a friend yesterday thru MSN messenger, he sent me a screensaver link and I thought it was a screensaver he made from the pictures we took. After I downloaded the file and clicked on it, nothing happened. So today I turned on my computer, and a Winlogon properties keeps...
  29. G

    Eight People Now Own A $1000 iPhone Screensaver

    Chicago (IL) - Would you pay $1000 for a pretty image and a secret message about how to stay rich on your cellphone? Eight People Now Own A $1000 iPhone Screensaver : Read more
  30. M

    Allow regular user to unlock screensaver locked computer

    We have the problem that in a multiuser environment users either lock their computers, or have the screensaver automatically lock it, and leave the workstation. As a result, nobody else can use that computer. By default, only the current user or an adminstrator can unlock the computer. I would...
  31. F

    Interactive aquarium screensaver?

    Looking for one of those aquarium screensavers, but I want to be able to have to feed them everyday and stuff like that. And if I don't, they die. Anyone, know of ANY screensavers similar to this? Doesn't really even have to be an aquarium..... AMD 2800+ (Barton Core) Asus A7N8X 2 X 512MB...
  32. K

    Does anyone know how to extract/capture pictures

    from a screensaver? Is there a way to do it or with a program?
  33. S

    AIM profile virus... ANYONE??????

    there is a new AIM profile virus... when you click it it installs itself onto your computer and sets your away message to "i just made a screensaver! everyone check it out click open to see it!!" i have been unable to find anything on google about it...
  34. F

    How to speed up wu's?

    I'm running W2K on a 1G Tbird and have just used the screensaver version. Would the command line version be faster? Would it work with W2K and if so what is the procedure for changing? I am asking this because my laptop at 400M seems almost as fast as my desktop.
  35. bdaley

    SETI Problems

    Ever since I upgraded SETI to the newest version (3.03)I've been having some strange problems. My monitor will no longer shut itself off after the time I've specified, and the screensaver sometimes gets set back to "none" so SETI doesn't even run. Has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks...