should i repair my board, part it out, or build a ptc from some of the parts


Jan 22, 2014
I have a asus k52f, when I was replacing my screen i accidently and stupidly touched metal without unplugging the battery, i know stupid. Well the bottom started smoking and i after taking it all apart i found that i blew 2 surface mount resistors. i can attach a photo if needed. I was going to sell this computer because its brand new pretty much i got it for free from a friend because the screen was cracked. What should i do. Should i buy a new mother board which on ebay runs from 80$ to 150$, can i part it out and if so what is likley amount of money that ill get. or should i take some of the parts and turn it into a htpc and sell the other things then sell the htpc because it had a intel i3 350 chip in it. Any help will be greatly apreciated. I have all the tools to solder it and fix it so that wouldt be a problem. Thank you for looking
Selling for parts doesn't get you a lot of money and it might take a while.

I think you should also get the CPU checked out as well due to the battery short.

The only part you can really use in a desktop is the hard drive since you can just get a 2.5" drive adapter.
Without knowing if the CPU is damaged or not it is hard to give a recommendation. If both CPU and motherboard are dead, then you part out the laptop. If only the motherboard is damaged, then repairing the laptop is more feasible.

You can probably bring the CPU to laptop repair store and ask if it can be tested in a laptop.