Question Acer laptop some keys not working(not ordinary)

Jun 17, 2019
Hello, i will keep it short. I changed thermo paste cleaned dust put everything back like i always do. I turned computer on - fan spinning power light on but hdd led blinked once and display was off. I removed ram and hdd few times changed ram slots volia somehow everything worked again what a relief! But half keyboard doesnt work. I connected usb keyboard and everything worked on that. Im suspecting motherboard damage? I was gentle like always i damaged nothing. If keyboards ribbon connector is half way in no key would work right? I just went on a trip no time to disassemble right now. Waiting for replies thanks.
Actually, if the cable is loose, and not fully disconnected, it could cause only some keys to not work.

The same could be said for the display issue you had as well. If the connection is loose.

However, as you said, if it is causing more problems than those two, and if it happens after fixing the cables (or even replacing the cables) then I would be looking at the motherboard.
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