Question how to fix my laptop going when i press E & my keyboard driver not installing?

Jul 13, 2021
I am currently writing this with the visual keyboard.
My Asus GL702VT laptop goes wild when I press the E key, making the screen black out, toggling airplane mode and typing a repeating string of random characters. I first thougt this was a driver issue so I tried to reinstall the keyboard drivers but after deleting them, pressing the E key still does the same thing even though the rest of the keyboard does not work. Furthermore, my computer only wants to install the asus numpad driver which isn't the right driver for my keyboard. Neither asus update nor the windows troubleshooter find anything wrong even though windows is able to tell me asus numpad isn't the correct driver.
I am rendered keyboardless and even if I could reinstall the drivers I would not be able to type "E".
Note : none of this happens on a plugged in keyboard but my lap hasn't enough room for a giant laptop AND an external keyboard, plus i would have to go and get one.
please help.


First try to reseat the keyboard connections. Make sure nothing is stuck under any of the keys, they are not sticky with gunk/spilled liquid. If all that looks fine, replace the keyboard, they are usually pretty cheap on eBay.
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