Question Windows 10 | Left Shift reduces volume, Right Shift toggle mute and Left Ctrl toggle airplane mode

Feb 16, 2020
I have a new laptop HP Pavilion 15, with Windows 10 Home, and the keyboard (a standard QWERTY) if isn't working properly:
  • When I press the "Left Ctrl" key it's enable/disable Airplaine Mode and opens the Outlook app.
  • When I press the "Left Shitt" key it's reduces the volume.
  • When I press the "Right Shift"key it's enable/disable the Mute of the volume.
I already tried:
  1. Installing updates from Windows Update Center.
  2. Installing all driver updates using HP Assistant.
  3. Tried another keyboard layouts.
Is there anything I can do to check if it's either a software problem or a hardware problem?
If it is a brand new laptop, then it may have the keys set up differently than you expect or have had on other devices. It isn't unusual for manufacturers to change those options.

Now if the keys and/or the manual for the laptop say it should be doing what you say it should, and it is doing things differently, then that would be a problem.

You can try reassigning the keys. The steps do so can be found here...

Now if that doesn't help, or it still gives you problems, take it back and have them give you a different device. No new device should give you problems.
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