Question Toshiba Satellite 1805-S203 Problem

Nov 22, 2020
I purchased this laptop from a thrift store so I was expecting issues from the get-go. The machine apparently runs Windows Millennium, but I was unable to tell.

It's able to be charged along with the lights working fine. The screen is also fine, being able to light up.

Now to the problem; after the 'In touch with tomorrow: Toshiba' screen, there is a black screen with nothing but the typing line which I think is for command prompt. I tried to type, but nothing happened. After a few attempts of typing, the keys began to cause the computer to beep each time a key was pressed. So I decided to press ctrl+alt+del which reseted the computer.

Now I notice 'Press [F2] for the boot drive selection menu' which I do upon reseting it.
'Select boot device
[F]: FDD
[B: Built-in HDD
[D]: Default SYSTEM SETUP Device
Press [C], [F], [B, [D].'
However, the same issue from before is still present. I cannot type and each key input causes a beep. I attempted do the sticky keys shortcut but nothing happened.

update: As I was typing this out, I tried fiddling with the keyboard. I noticed when I held shift and pressed a random key(I can't remember which), the CD-drive emitted a noise along with the light associated with it turned on but off shortly after. I don't know if this has any relation to the issue but it's the most input I've received from the machine.

Any help or information is greatly appreciated!


Jul 7, 2020
Any idea how old this machine is? If it runs Windows ME, it must be quite old. I wonder if it would be capable of running a modern version of Windows?

There are some bootable diagnostics out there (you need to do a little digging). How you would get it to boot from CD, I'm not sure but you would need to create a bootable CD. I assume FDD means floppy disk drive. It may not be capable from booting from a USB stick (does it even have USB connectors) . Again, a very old machine? I suspect it's not worth the trouble. Sorry.
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