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  1. debrobertson

    Question Unable to create system recovery discs for Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5007 laptop computer.

    I was given a Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5007 laptop computer. I have been trying to create a system recovery disc, but the system will not allow it. I have tried saving to DVD, CD, flash drive, and an external hard drive to no avail. What can I do? Do I need to order recovery discs from...
  2. Comp@U

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite C655D S5089 Info

    Hel lo can anyone tell me if the AMD V140 processor my laptop came with is upgradeable? I understand many models of laptops are not able to take upgrades, however I do know that some of the models in the satellite series are indeed capable of taking an upgrade including some in the C655D-S500...
  3. shujinko45fox

    Solved! Toshiba Satellite 1805-S203 Problem

    I purchased this laptop from a thrift store so I was expecting issues from the get-go. The machine apparently runs Windows Millennium, but I was unable to tell. It's able to be charged along with the lights working fine. The screen is also fine, being able to light up. Now to the problem...
  4. BlazeMike

    Toshiba Satellite Radius P55w B5224 won't power on

    Hey all! So my friend recently said that his keyboard on this laptop wasn't working for a while now and he said he might've dropped it. So the lights on the keyboard have stopped along with the keyboard function itself he was managing with the touch keyboard... I said it might be a loose...
  5. L

    Toshiba Satellite laptop won't connect to home wifi, but will connect to other wifi.

    So my laptop disconnected itself from my wifi last night; I tried both restarting my laptop and restarting the router, despite the fact that my phone, and other devices in the house were still connected to the home wifi. I've checked to see in there are any driver updates, but it says I'm all up...
  6. L

    Keyboard and mouse not working Toshiba

    Toshiba satellite c50-a-156 About 2 months ago my laptop keyboard stopped working. When The log in screen came on, the password box filled up with black dots and I was unable to delete them. It was like a key was stuck. I was mid exams so used the ease of access to log in and bought a usb...
  7. Andrei-Florin Gogan

    Toshiba Satellite C660 clearing CMOS

    Hello guys, I want to clear the CMOS on a Toshiba C660, Do I have to use copper wires to reset it from the motherboard or simple metal tweezers are enough? I'm a bit lazy to open it all and take out the battery since the CMOS is right under the RAM sticks and very easy to access. Thanks a lot
  8. B

    Laptop hangs after Bios update

    My Toshiba Satellite hangs on boot after updating to 5.0 BIOS they recommended after update to Windows 10. I went back to BIOS and tried to default back but didn't work. I tried to restore laptop but did not work. Can I flash the BIOS with the old version?I'm skeptical since the update flash...
  9. B

    8.1 > 7, No networking drivers working - Toshiba L50d-c (PSKXSA-00U00G)

    Hello, Friends son wanted windows 7 on his laptop since he was more familiar with it. Installation of windows was straight forward. When it came to getting a networking driver installed I have had no end of trouble. The drivers available for windows 7 don't work at all (proset installs...
  10. A

    Toshiba Satellite S Series laptop with Win 7 Pro won't stay off after Windows shut down

    Few nights ago I realized tht even when my lid was closed the laptop is still running and not in sleep condition as it supposed to be. I can turn off the laptop with the power button while it is on just to have the windows recovery screen to pop up during boot process. If I close the lid or...
  11. G

    Newly formatted Toshiba satellite with Linux on it refuses to open the BIOS menu.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite, with Linux on it, which i Formatted yesterday. I did it to manually uninstall the Distro I was using since it had some problems that I needed to solve manually. After I did that I rebooted the PC but the BIOS is refusing to show up and if I try F2 F12 etc it beeps...
  12. B

    Getting lag and fps dropped when charging toshiba satellite

    hey there, here is my problem, so i bought a toshiba satellite c45-c4205k a few weeks ago, i got no time to test in game performance but i thought it were going to be ok, it weren't, when the battery is full charge i can play games normally (mostly dota 2) and i have 50-60 fps but when the...
  13. M

    I have a Toshiba Laptop(satellite l635) that won't start

    It started a month ago, when I installed some windows updates. I've been going through in safe mode with networking and uninstalling updates but I can't figure out which update caused the issue. One would think to look at the date of installed update and figure it out from there but once I...
  14. T

    Toshiba Satellite Screen Problem

    Hi I have a Toshiba Satellite s855-s5378 laptop. It is out of warranty and it is a gift from my aunt. I have been using it for four months now. I had this problem since yesterday, the screen turns into pink/green distorted or fuzzy display. I went to the nearest laptop repair shop and they said...
  15. J

    Blank Screen on Toshiba!

    I had a liquid spill on my laptop overnight and it was plugged in on sleep mode. After that i had a blank screen but system sounded like it was running. Tried several things with no luck so i assumed the motherboard was fried. I bought a new motherboard and installed it last night, system turns...