Question Keyboard on Samsung SmartTV not working


Dec 3, 2016
Have a Samsung 8000 Smart TV . When trying to enter my wireless internet password, the remote does not type on the keyboard. I know it is not that remote because I tried another Samsung remote that I paired (works on another set). I have done all the things, such as factory reset, unplugging, trying to use the SmartSansung App as a remote (will not work until it's on the same network as my iPad, and can't get it on the network since I can't type in password. Could this be a defective wifi module? When I was hard wired I didn't need a password, but I have changed internet providers and need it for their wifi setup.


Outside of getting the wifi working, why can't you just connect it to the same cable? Changing your ISP should not have changed things with your wired network, it will still connect to same cable and work.

Maybe you need to click in the password field before it will type. Did you check with Samsung support?
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