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  1. S

    Question Keyboard on Samsung SmartTV not working

    Have a Samsung 8000 Smart TV . When trying to enter my wireless internet password, the remote does not type on the keyboard. I know it is not that remote because I tried another Samsung remote that I paired (works on another set). I have done all the things, such as factory reset, unplugging...
  2. M

    LG Remote with Channel Change Buttons?

    Hello, I got a new LG remote for my TV (because the old one was broken) but I can't change the TV's channels with it. The remote says "Brightness (Page) on the channel changing rocker button which is quite strange. Do you know if there's some button I need to push to alternate between...
  3. gigaman

    Search free simple and fast remote control software

    Hello, Pls help, I need free and simple software for remote control PC at home. But Teamviewer no free in use, but i like it and want some similar as Litemanager Free too. Looking free version, simple and fast in using, with any optionals ex. record desctop, etc. Thank you!
  4. ZeTechKing

    Best PC Application For Letting Someone Having Part Control Over Your PC

    My friend and I have this collaborative game that requires a keyboard and a mouse, since we live far away, I want a app that will let him control the keyboard and still let me use the mouse.
  5. C

    bedroom 1 remote is changing bedroom1 and bedroom2 channels?

    Hello, I have recently switched to Dish Network, and sometimes 1 remote will change a different location's channel. I realize it is probably an easy fix, I just don't feel like troubleshooting. Wondering if anyone knows how to fix.