Oct 20, 2016
So i spilt soda on my macbook air. It primarily went on the number keyboards and air vent (I think that's what it's called). I've never had this done before, so stupid me wiped the soda off the computer and kept using it for about 40 minutes (when class was over). Then i decided to ask the internet if this was a big problem and only until then did I turn the computer off and flip it upside down. I was wondering if I should be concerned and what I should do to make sure that a problem doesn't arise. Thanks for your help!


Aug 17, 2016
You need to take it to a service tech! If not, and that soda got on the motherboard, which I would say it probably did, it will as they say, bite the dust before long! You have to ask Yourself, is it cheaper to have a service tech clean it, or you buy a new one In the near future? Only You can answer that! Liquids find every crack and cranny there is! and it loves electronics. Not! LOL!
Just in case you ever do that again and for the benefit of future readers of your thread, treat any liquid spillage over electronic equiment with as many handfuls of uncooked rice that is required to cover the affected area. Over time, it will absorb the liquid and with some luck all will be well again.

It is unadviseable to eat the rice when the process has completed.