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  1. sakib1022

    Question MacBook Air 2017 vs MacBook Pro 2015: Which one to choose?

    I want to buy my first MacBook. Currently, I am on a tight budget. 2 MacBooks are in my range. One is MacBook Air 2017 i5 13inch vs MacBook Pro 2015 i5 13 inch. I am an undergrad computer science student. I primarily need a laptop for programming. Which one would be a wiser choice overall?
  2. tomtc01

    Question Is the MBA I/O socket repairable on logic board side

    Hi - discovered my MBA has a damaged connector (not the cable, the connector itself) on the logic board side (just next to the fan assembly). Looks like something has got inside and shorted it out. Is this repairable/ Replaceable? anyone every done this? Tried youtube but could not locate any...
  3. S

    Solved! Use an external hard drive as my personal computer?

    Hey guys, I have a 2018 MacBook Air, Retina, 256GB. Sucks, because of the butterfly keyboard, and the CPU is notoriously slow, too. Here's the question, what do you guys think of the following? I want to sell my current Macbook and get a 1TB external hard drive instead, where I can keep all of...
  4. A

    Question MacbookAir6,1 (Early 2014) External Display Issue

    I am trying to use an external display with my early 2014 macbook air. My mini-display to hdmi cable and the monitor works with my other windows laptop. Everytime I connect the monitor to my macbook air the monitor stays black, but the laptop display works. The mouse moves to the external...
  5. J

    Solved! Spilled water on my touchpad/trackpad

    Sorry for the explanation being so long. Ok so I was drinking some water and somehow I chocked on it so I spilled some water on my MacBook Air trackpad/touchpad (I’m not sure what it’s called and what the difference is) and keyboard, and now it’s acting weird. My screen turns on and off like...
  6. M

    Question Liquid damage

    So i spilt soda on my macbook air. It primarily went on the number keyboards and air vent (I think that's what it's called). I've never had this done before, so stupid me wiped the soda off the computer and kept using it for about 40 minutes (when class was over). Then i decided to ask the...
  7. B

    MacBook Air - Liquid Damage

    Hello. So I was cleaning my laptop and I was stupid enough to spray a cleansing liquid (that kills bacteria, that's why I used it) over the screen and a bit over the keyboard. The laptop was on because I usually don't turn it off. I wiped it and left it. After a few hours I wanted to use it and...
  8. G

    Apple's New MacBook Air Might Be Delayed

    Apple's new MacBook Air has run into some manufacturing problems and might be delayed to the third quarter or later, according to reports. Apple's New MacBook Air Might Be Delayed : Read more
  9. L

    Could this mac be fixed?

    Hi this is my first time posting on this website! So my brother a year ago had a mac and book air 13inch with the i5 etc. It started to have the cpu fan run at max speeds, when checked they said that it was affected by condensation. My brother went on many trips to ski and our thought was that...
  10. AndrewDafuqq

    MacBook Air 13 4GB or 8GB Ram? Is i5 1.5GHz enough?

    Hey, I'm fairly new to MacBooks and lowkey kind of hated them but now I am investing in a MacBook Air for school (Probably not the MacBook Pro or a Windows Laptop even though I'm a fan of Windows more). If I get the MacBook Air, is 4GB of RAM enough? I will probably only be doing...
  11. Y

    Hooking computer up to turntable and speakers

    I need help connecting my MacBook Air to an Audio Technica turntable (with built-in pre-amp) and a pair of powered AV40 speakers. I have no experience/skill with this. Please help.
  12. T

    if the backlight on my macbook air is not working due to water damage

    do i have to replace the LCD or the Backlight? or is it not repairable. Could the backlight be part of the motherboard what is the best approach when fixing the backlight by itself? please help. again this is Water Damaged. Is it worth spending 200+?? or more to fix. thank you.
  13. H

    How to lock a Macbook Air?

    Any good recommendations for locking a Macbook Air?
  14. L

    Hello I am looking to buy a laptop for school. I am looking at buying a MacBook Air 11" or the Lenovo think pad yoga 14 or thi

    Hello I am looking to buy a laptop for school. I am looking at buying a MacBook Air 11" or the Lenovo think pad yoga 14 or thinkpad t450s. I live in the us. I want at least an i5 processor with ssd or hybrid storage. Minimum 4gb memory and I am looking to stay within $100 of $800.
  15. J

    Will this computer be good for me?

    I will be buying a new laptop soon. I need it for school and Minecraft and Netfilx. I mainly live in the cloud, not buying movies. Will the MacBook Air 11" with 8GB RAM, 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, and 128GB of PCI-E based solid state drive storage be good for me? Or should I go for the...
  16. S

    2011 MacBook Air Overheating

    Hey guys, I have a 13inch mid 2011 MacBook Air that is still under 3year Apple warranty for about 30 more days. Over the last 6 months or so the fan has really started kicking up, I get tons of memory leaks in safari, firefox and chrome, and my CPU temp sits 50-60 and can kick up over 80C. The...
  17. C

    For school purposes, Ipad Air 32gb or Macbook Air 11" ?

    Hi, Next year, I'm going to college (Quebec), so I will need a portable device to take notes quickly. A friend of mine gave me the idea to buy an Ipad Air with the Zaggkeys Keyboard. Ultra portable, I could easily take notes with it during class and when at home quickly transfer them to my main...
  18. S

    Macbook Air, Pro or Samsung ATIV

    Hello everyone, I need help choosing a laptop serving as a very mobile secondary machine. I am an architecture student and I primarily do all the work related to architecture on my desktop PC with a 24" 1920 x 1200 px screen (have been using a 1055T with 8GB RAM and a gtx 560Ti so far, just...