For school purposes, Ipad Air 32gb or Macbook Air 11" ?

Charles Goelen

Dec 8, 2013

Next year, I'm going to college (Quebec), so I will need a portable device to take notes quickly. A friend of mine gave me the idea to buy an Ipad Air with the Zaggkeys Keyboard. Ultra portable, I could easily take notes with it during class and when at home quickly transfer them to my main desktop. I could use it for many (many) different other tasks and the tactile screen is a plus. I see on many forums that everybody is voting for the MacBook Air, but it is 300$ more than the tablet, hasn't a touchscreen and as I have a desktop pc at home, probably wouldn't use the laptop... Is getting the Ipad air a good idea ? Thanks a lot !


Apr 20, 2014
From experience, you would have a terrible experience at writing notes with an ipad. Even if your are using an external keyboard, you won't be used to standard size of a normal desktop keyboard and thus may miss important notes. You would have to be an extremely fast typer to take notes.

For notes it has to be boring old pen and paper