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    Need help with studies/work laptop suggestions

    Hi! I'm trying to help my girlfriend get the best laptop possible to finish her studies and work. I'm aiming for the best possible hardware taking into account it will not be used for gaming, so no dedicated graphics are needed. I guess an i7 and 8gb of RAM would be the sweet spot, since she's...
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    Cheapest Digital Cameras for Photography, Youtube Videos and blogging?

    My budget is only 200 to 300 dollars. My main use is for taking Architectural photos for my photo collection and for my studies in Architecture school. I also want to use this for taking 1080p HD videos for Youtube videos and also for my life blog. :) The bigger the SD storage the better, and...
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    For school purposes, Ipad Air 32gb or Macbook Air 11" ?

    Hi, Next year, I'm going to college (Quebec), so I will need a portable device to take notes quickly. A friend of mine gave me the idea to buy an Ipad Air with the Zaggkeys Keyboard. Ultra portable, I could easily take notes with it during class and when at home quickly transfer them to my main...