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Jan 18, 2017
I need an inexpensive tablet, 10" or so, for just a few purposes. What I need it for, I need it to quickly and well, with a minimum of glitches and freezes and crashes, and would prefer not to pay for bells and whistles I will never use. If you help me, I will put you in my will, but be advised that my estate will consist mostly of the tablet.

PS. I am not wedded to big names like Samsung and Lenovo - are Dragon's and Vankyos any good - and nor am I wedded to the idea of a new tablet. Recommendations for a tablet which is, say two or three years old, will be readily and joyfully entertained.

What I need it to do well:
  • Display very crisp text from webpages, pdf's, Word docs and spreadsheets. I will occasionally make notes on, or change a word or two on, the aforementioned files, but that's about it;
  • Facilitate reading the aforementioned text in varying light environments;
  • Have good but not great battery life;
  • Have a very responsive screen which won't provoke me to use profanity;
  • Provide for 32GB of storage, either onboard or via SD card;
  • Make good use of whatever fast wifi connections it may happen to be in range of;
  • Hear me well when I am using VR;
  • Not clutter up my OS and app drawer with oodles of preinstalled apps, or at least allow me to install them;
  • Either come with a sturdy cover, or be compatible with a third-party product;
  • Give me many years of companionship and affection, with a minimum of repair costs; and
  • Not much else, other than light texting, other forms of messaging and chat, and toodling around on Facebook until I get bored or annoyed - which generally happens quickly - and run the very small number of apps required to do the work mentioned above.
What I might like but don't need:
  • A USB port, or maybe even two, if the second is USB-C.
What I don't need it to do well:
  • Have more video and audio capabilities than I will need to play whatever goofy little 30-second videos I might click on while toodling around on Facebook. I will neither watch Lawrence of Arabia on this tablet nor listen to Mozart's 29th;
  • Take pictures. If I ever take a picture with this tablet, I will refund your money, and if I won't ever use one camera, I certainly won't use two or more;
  • Connect to the Internet in any way other than wifi;
  • Play video games, since I gave up after Donkey Kong, and;
  • Look cool.
All advice is appreciated, and please forgive me for being driven to prattle when in the presence of a device to type on and a captive audience.
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Jan 18, 2017
I have no specific budget number I am shooting for. I am looking for a tablet that will do the things I want to do well, but for which I don't pay a higher price for the ability to do well things I don't need it to do.

Let me illustrate by opining on the tablet you recommended. It promises a "superior dynamic 3D sound experience, whereas I can get by quite well with a mediocre 2D experience. I could live with mono.

It offers 1920x1200 resolution, whereas standard HD would be quite good enough for me, as long as the text is crisp and readable.

It includes pre-installed apps including a proprietary smart home app, a proprietary Kids Home app, and a family sharing app routed through a Samsung account. And if my experience with my two previous Samsung devices are any guide, there will be scads of other proprietary apps which either duplicate native Android functions, functions readily available on the Play Store or via the cloud, or which I simply don't need, and I probably won't be able to uninstall them. To make an analogy with pay TV: I don't want to pay for channels I don't watch.

I don't mean to belittle your recommendation, which I genuinely appreciate. I'm just trying to clarify what I'm looking for.


my default recommendation is Samsung TAB A 10.1 LTE (2019 T515)
I don't mean to belittle your recommendation, which I genuinely appreciate. I'm just trying to clarify what I'm looking for.
I get what you want, but the problem is that minimum glitches/freezes, no preinstalled apps and other specifications you mentioned are not united with tablets I know of.
Below the price of the tablet I posted the quality and speed will decrease more and more.

Connectivity and processor speed is the most expensive overall part in a tablet, when it comes to mobile connectivity and wifi speed.

Something like this could be ok for you, but be aware that google is preinstalled with its apps, wifi is not that fast (WLAN 802.11b/g/n ), warranty is only one year:
Archos Oxygen 101 S LTE

or this, better wifi, bluetooth5, 64GB instead of 32GB storage onboard, 4GB instead of 3GB RAM, android 10 instead of 9
Odys Space One 10 LTE
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