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  1. P

    Solved! RCA ports for surround sound on a Samsung TV

    I have a samsung TU8507 UHD and wanted to ask how if it is possible to get 5.1 surround sound using those AV in RCA connectors. It does not have 3.5mm and i dont have speakers with optical out or eARC. I attached a photo of its back panel
  2. R

    Question No 5.1 audio getting to my Receiver via HDMI to TV as PC sees the TV has only 2 speakers

    Hi, 1st time here, I found an answer here for one of my PC to Receiver problems in the forum so I thought I would join up and ask about the other I get no 5.1 audio to my Receiver as the PC see the TV only has Stereo speakers, how do I get it to allow the 5.1 channel sound through to the...
  3. T

    Solved! Can a 5.1 speaker system work on a stereo motherboard?

    Hello, I really need your help. I have a Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound system but the motherboard I am interested in buying which is the ASROCK A320m-Hdv AM4 only has 3 ports which is the Mic port (pink), Audio out (green) and line in (blue). However, the Logitech z506 5.5 speaker system has...
  4. DakiMC

    Solved! 5.1 surround plays sound on all speakers instead of separately

    Hello, I have recently bough a Genius SW-HF 4800 5.1 surround sound system and I'm trying to get it to work on my Windows 10 PC. My motherboard is Asus H61M-K and it supports up to 7.1. The speakers are connected with 3 cables to the motherboard, center and subwoofer to mic (pink), front left...
  5. N

    Solved! New Laptop, Old AVR, need 5.1 surround sound

    Hey experts, i need your advise here. i have a very old Onkyo AVR that doesnt have a HDMI input. It has tons of RCA and an optical input. i have a HP 6 mn ths old basic laptop with HDMI, USB, Aux output, no fancy sound card in it. Now since i cannot use the hdmi channel into my old AVR, i am...
  6. billsam

    Solved! Can a Samsung HT_j5550l/ZN play netflix in dolby digital plus in the app on it?

    Hello I want to purchase a surround system that enables me to watch netflix in 5.1 and i saw a samsung HT_j5550l/ZN with the tall speakers for 300$ used . so I was wondering if it could be able to do the task. I have an old jvc 44 inch LED
  7. Z

    Question No 5.1 sound Win10, splitter hdmi2.2 IN/passthrough/optical+hdmi2.2 OUT, 4k 60Hz uhd projector, dolby atmos soundbar

    I have issue because my PC recognize only projector and send only stereo sound (I don't know what format is output from my PC). I can't force it to 5.1 even splitter is set to just passthrough (I don't want to infect on sound quality with splitter) and optical cable is connected to soundbar and...
  8. R

    Solved! Connecting an old surround sound 5.1 system to a new dvd player

    I have an old 5.1 surround sound system with 6 audio input ports. However my new dvd player only has 2 audio output ports (red & white / left and right) where as my old dvd player has 6. Is there any way i can connect them? Currently I can only use 2 speakers of my surround sound system. The...
  9. M

    Question Can I record 5.1 audio in Pro Tools via Hdmi audio converter and opical Out?

    Hey everyone, I would like to know theoretically, if there is a way to record 5.1 audio in Pro Tools via Hdmi audio converter and opical Out? I need to split audio through the HDMI audio converter via optical Out in S/PDIF and then go to an interface with optical In in S/PDIF aswell. My...
  10. D

    Solved! 5.1 system troubleshoot

    Hello everyone, i recently purchased a logitech x530 5.1 system .I have a B350 mate motherboard which supports 7.1,so i connected the jacks to their appointed color and then used realtek hd audio to set it as 5.1.Problem is only 3 sattelietes and the subwoofer works the other 2 are silent when...
  11. EnDy_S

    Solved! How does connection type affect how the sound is processed in a 5.1 sound in home cinema system?

    Hello everyone, I don't have any experience building home cinema systems, so I'm looking for some explanation in layman's terms. Not all of these questions will be applicable to my situation, but I want to get a clear picture of how this works nevertheless. I already have a few assumptions...
  12. deusman

    Question How does one hook up 5.1 surround sound ? (Logitech Z607)

    I may be stupid, but I think I am missing something obvious. I bought speakers Logitech Z607 for sole purpose of surround sound (never had that and this may be fine for start). I have plan to attach it to PC. Speakers have several outputs: My motherboard is Gigabyte B450 AORUS M It does have...
  13. A

    Question In my PC the audio is not playing in 5.1 mode

    In my PC I have made the correct 5.1 set up through play back devices and when I click on the Test button all the speaker are actively working. When I play songs, videos only the woofer and front speakers are playing. The real speakers are not at all playing. Behind the CPU I given the...
  14. B

    Solved! audio from TV and PC to one 5.1 system

    I want to use my Sony HT-RT3 5.1 system (Dolby only) for my TV and PC. I have been using my Samsung UHD TV as my computer monitor via the PC's GPU hdmi for both display and basic audio. I, of course, get stereo sound from my TV speakers. The TV is connected to the mentioned surround speakers...
  15. M

    Solved! I made some impulse purchases and think i screwed up... . How to connect 5.1 capable soundbar to receiver?

    Hello everyone, Not to long ago i purchased a Samsung soundbar (HW-N650) combined with the SWA 8500S/XN Speaker Kit to get that basic 5.1 surround sound going. I have my TV hanging on my wall and didn't want to have a bunch of cables to take care of so i also bought a receiver (Denon...
  16. P

    Subwoofer doesn't work on Desktop Applications?

    Hello everyone, I have been searching everywhere to solve this problem that I have with my subwoofer. It works perfectly on any browser based application (such as YouTube) as well as all of my games. However, if I try to listen to music on programs like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, or...