Solved! I made some impulse purchases and think i screwed up... . How to connect 5.1 capable soundbar to receiver?

Mar 12, 2019
Hello everyone,

Not to long ago i purchased a Samsung soundbar (HW-N650) combined with the SWA 8500S/XN Speaker Kit to get that basic 5.1 surround sound going.
I have my TV hanging on my wall and didn't want to have a bunch of cables to take care of so i also bought a receiver (Denon AVR-X1400H) and have some other hardware i wanted to easily connect.

Now the issue is that as far as i can see i have no way of connecting my soundbar to this receiver since is has only 1 HDMI out to go to my TV and also no Optical output, only in.
Now the cable management is one thing but if i don't use the receiver i still can't get 5.1 becouse if i hook everything up to my TV (Samsung UE48H6500 ) i only get Stereo audio.
My TV does have an HDMI ARC port but a simple way i figured this out is through using my Chromecast and trying to watch a 5.1 movie on Netflix.
It probably has to something to do with the decoder in my TV not porting through the 5.1 audio from an external source, becouse if i use the Netflix app on my TV itself, i do get the 5.1 sound.
However i also want to connect my gaming consoles and BlueRay player to it, that's also one of the reasons i thought a receiver could help.

Is there a solution for this or do i just say goodbye to the soundbar+rear speakers and purchase some "real" speakers?
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this!
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