Question Trouble connecting projector to receiver and connecting laptop to receiver to stream video and sound to 5.1 speaker surround system

Oct 18, 2019
Curious if any of yall know the answer to my audio/video problem. So I'm trying to get my home theater set up. I have a benQ projector, a new yamaha receiver from costco, and 5 speakers. I'm trying to stream video from computer to the projector and have audio go through my surround sound speakers.

Set up I thought would work:
connect the projector to the receiver with HDMI out (arc)
then connect the computer to HDMI 1 (in)
all speakers are placed into the receiver.
however, no video or audio. It doesn't look like projector is detecting HDMI signal.

The only way I've made it work is connecting the projector to a computer via hdmi, and then using AUX cord from the computer to receiver, however, this has only given me audio in 2 out of 5 speakers.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

I also got a karaoke machine that I'm having the same issue with on HDMI connections. I thought a possibility is my HDMI chord might need to be upgraded, but I tried like 3 different ones.
Normal connection would be as you first describe. PC to receiver (HDMI) and receiver to projector (HDMI)
Does the projector show the on screen menus of the receiver?
If it does then you know that the issue is in the PC-receiver. If it doesn't then the cable from the receiver to the projector may be the issue. Even if that same cable works when used from PC-projector it may still be the problem. Long HDMI cables can be tricky.
Is the PC video resolution set to be compatible with the projector? Set it to the native resolution of the projector.
The order you boot the PC turn on the receiver-projector can affect if it works. If you boot the PC first then try it last.
Try changing the input on the receiver and back again.
To get audio via HDMI that has to be set as your audio device in the PC.
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