Question how to Connect Soundbar through PC GPU HDMI port?

Oct 11, 2019
Soundbar: Bose soundbar 700
Motherboard: Z370 AORUS ULTRA
GPU: Nvidia geforce 1060 6GB

I want to connect my PC to the soundbar which i mentioned above, I have optical output in motherboard which works perfectly, but i want to try it in HDMI out of GPU because of higher bitrate.

I connected HDMI from GPU to soundbar, but no sound.

Also noticed nvidia output high definition audio device not plugged in

Don't know how to enable output device and change settings.

I also read somewhere that SPDIF out cable may connect to the GPU, but ichecked GPU no connector like that. Graphics driver updated.

Thanks in advance
That Bose soundbar doesn't have a real HDMI input. If it did there would also be an HDMI output. It has an HDMI-ARC connection which is for TVs only.
Fortunately using HDMI won't actually make any improvement in sound in this case so don't worry about it. The optical will be just as good.
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