Solved! TV Audio Setup

May 12, 2020
I'm trying to set up my TV, but I'm not getting audio. All of the devices have and are connected by HDMI ports, but I'm not getting any sound.

TV: Mitsubishi WD-73C9​
Outputs: L/R Audio, Digital Audio​
Inputs: HDMI Input x3​
Audio: Bose SoundTouch 300​
Outputs: "HDMI Out To TV (ARC)"​
Inputs: HDMI, Optical In​
Speakers: 5.1?​
Source: LG BP350​
Outputs: HDMI​
I'd like to either:
  1. know what the correct cabling would be
  2. get a recommendation for an adapter that would make best use of the existing items (would either of these work?)
  3. get a recommendation to replace the new BP350 (which is still in its return period)
I get sound from the Audio (all 5.1 speakers) when I connect to a bluetooth source and during setup. I get audio into the TV and can play audio on the TV speakers (which sort of defeats the purpose of having a separate audio system). But I get no hint that the Audio knows about the TV, or that the TV knows about the Audio, except that the Source audio signal reaches the TV via the HDMI cables to the Audio.
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