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    Solved! TV Audio Setup

    I'm trying to set up my TV, but I'm not getting audio. All of the devices have and are connected by HDMI ports, but I'm not getting any sound. TV: Mitsubishi WD-73C9 Outputs: L/R Audio, Digital Audio Inputs: HDMI...
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    Question Mitsubishi WD-65731 will not power on

    I have a Mitsubishi WD-65731 and the other night I turned it on and it powered up in the usual way with the flashing green timer light and it went solid green, but then powers off. You can hear a high pitched sound as it shut down. The screen never comes on. I unplugged everything connected...
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    Solved! Roku premiere hookup old TV

    Trying to hook up Roku premiere to old Mitsubishi TV no hdmi going through VCR. Have yellow red white babies still getting nothing! Using VCR source
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    73 inch Mitsubishi flat screen keeps getting lighter and lighter

    73 inch Mitsubishi flat screen kept getting lighter and lighter finally nothing how can I fix this problem
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    Solved! Want to connect lg wireless sound bar on a Mitsubishi tv

    Want to connect a lg wireless sound bar
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    Maybe need a better bulb

    Bulbs stop working after about 2 weeks in my mitsubishi wd73734
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    Solved! Mitsubishi DLP Zoom

    My tv is overscanned and I have no remote. How can I fix this?
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    Mitsubishi DLP stuck on Welcome Screen Repair Advice

    My WD-82737 is hanging on the blue welcome screen. I did the firmware update and it worked for 2 weeks. I did firmware update a couple more times and got it to boot but the color was blotchy then it went back to hanging on startup screen. I have heard this indicates a bad power board and or main...
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    I have a 65in Mitsubishi and it has a black screen with star what do I need to do

    Looking to fix my TV
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    Getting new sound bar to work with old tv

    I just purchased an older Mitsubishi 73 inch tv model number wd-73642 - I have a newer Klipshe sound bar -Klipsch R-10B Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (Satin Black) - I purchased this as well to convert -...
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    Solved! misubishi model 60638 color issue/ NOT color wheel

    Mitsubishi wd60638 had a color wheel go out replaced the color wheel and it started having color issues after it ran for about an hour.Turn off/wait/on again and it runs great for about an hour. have had 3 different color wheels sent and all have the same issue. What else could cause this problem???
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    Mitsubishi TV no sound

    I have a Mitsubishi TV LT-55164 and used it for years then the front speakers went bad and I moved the TV to another room and used it with the audio signal through the RCA jacks to a surround sound system and worked for about a year then it started sounding bad once again and now I have no sound...
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    How do I hook up my indoor in antenatal to Mitsubishi old model tv

    No where to hook the rabbit ear
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    i have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv wd73733 wont power up

    I have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv wd73733 that won't power up any suggestions replaced balancer, and replaced new bulb?
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    I have a 92 inch mitsubishi tv yhe green light turns on but no pic or sound

    I have a Mitsubishi 92 inch TV it won't turn on the green light comes on but not put or sound
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    73 inch DLP shuts off by itself

    I have a 73 inch Mitsubishi WD-73C9. Replaced the lamp but I have no audio and the tv shuts down after 10 minutes. I’ve cleaned the fans and cabinet. What causes this? My front Led lights are not blinking a code or anything. I can turn it back on immediately and it will stay on for another 10...
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    How to connect a Mitsubishi WD-60638 to a Sony MHC-GX450

    I have a Mitsubishi TV trying to hook it up to a Sony MINI HI-FI COMPONENT SYSTEM
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    I have lots of white dots on my 65 in mitsubishi tv. How do I get rid of them

    Please help me get rid of the many white dots on my 65 inch tv. Mitsubishi
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    broken reset switch onn73 inch Mitsubishi projection tv

    the little blue switch inside the back of my 73 inch Mitsubishi projection tv is broken any way to bypass it
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    Solved! Projector buzzes after starting

    Mitsubishi hd1000u only starts after about 10 try's Could it be the bulb?
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    I blew out the little fan that is in front of the do lamp on a Mitsubishi wd65737 tv and the blades decintigrated is there any

    Fan to cool dlp lamp on Mitsubishi wd65737 desentigrated how to fix or teplace
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    Mitsubishi WD-60735 Software Update

    The website [url=] once had downloadable .zip and .pdf files that included a software firmware update and Service Manuals for this model, but no more. I did manage to get a .pdf Service Manual, but I need the latest software for a firmware...
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    HDMI to Component Adapter not working with Projection Tv

    I have Mitsubishi projection tv. I am trying to connect laptop to projection tv by using an HDMI-to-Component adopter. But its not working. tv just showing flickering/lines picture. No proper image is displaying. Laptop: HP Probook, Integrated intel graphics Tv: Mitsubishi Rear Projection Tv...
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    Identifying Mitsubishi cable

    I've got a Mitsubishi m-pf5200 pre-amplifier that has a 10 pin connector marked "audio bus controller" anyone know anything about it? Or where to get these cables? In the picture it's at the very top
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    Difference between these projectors

    What's the difference between Mitsubishi HC7000 and Mitsubishi LVP-HC7000 or Sony HW40ES and Sony VPL-HW40ES? Those lvp, vpl ones seems cheaper but the hardware looks like exact same. So what gives?
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    mitsubishi 65c10 tv not recognize component input so that remote can choose it

    mitsubishi 65c10 tv not recognize component input so that remote can choose it -- no choice for component input available on remote
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    No Picture or sound

    I have a 65in Mitsubishi Model number WD60735 (No sound or picture) .No green light on,only lamp light on in the front of the TV, Replace the Lamp in the rear and still no picture or sound.
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    poor color when watching movies

    We have a mitsubishi DLP tv. The color quality when watching movies is poor, but when watching sports( football) color is fine. It doesn't matter whether the input is from DISH or a DVD. Help
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    I just got this Mitsubishi hd 1080 tv from my neighbor and I was trying to reprogram it and it was on for a few minutes and it

    I was just trying to reprogram my TV and it was on for a few minutes and now it doesn't want to come back on at all.
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    How can I get cable with a hotspot

    I have a 72' Mitsubishi tv
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    My tv comes on then goes off

    Mitsubishi ws-65615 I've try unplugging it and I tried resetting it
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    How can I connect my external hard drive to my Mitsubishi projector (only has S video, RCA jack - video, and VGA) inputs?

    How can I connect my external hard drive to my Mitsubishi projector (only has S video, RCA jack - video, and VGA) inputs? Thank you
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    Trying to hook up my Mitsubishi tv to my RCA RTS7010B

    Trying to hook up my home theater sound bar to my Mitsubishi tv
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    Need new lamp

    Need to purchase a new lamp for my Mitsubishi 73" Model WD-73C10... Seen on ebay for $25, shop Jimmy for $100.....any suggestions. Weary of eBay although part had good reviews
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    Fix the white spots

    I have a 65inch Mitsubishi with white spots
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    Mitsubishi White Spots

    Just wanted to thank Toms Guide and this forum. Had the white spots appear on my 73 Model WD-73C10" this past Friday. Found this forum, called Mitsubishi on Tuesday, and today Friday tv has been repaired. Mitsubishi forwarded part to tv repair shop, service showed up when part was received. As...
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    I have an old Mitsubishi 55 inch 1080 TV does not have a HDMI import how do I get 1080 I'd hi-def to it from my Dish box

    I have a old Mitsubishi 1080 hi-def projection screen TV has no HDMI import how do I get hi-def to it from my Dish box
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    TV screen is freezing

    Our 90in. Mitsubishi DLP keeps freezing. The screen freezes but the sound continues. A few times it has turned off on it's own. Any ideas how to fix?
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    How to connect laptop to a tv with a vga to dvi cable

    I have a Mitsubishi WS-48313 that has a dvi-i dual link port and trying to connect it with my laptop that has a VGA port. I bought a VGA to DVI cable and plugged it all up, but my laptop screen doesn't show up on my tv and my laptop doesn't recognize i've connected to the tv.
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    How to fix my 65" mitsubishi rear projection tv

    My mitsubishi 65" tv. Model number WD-65831 has no picture or sound i have reset it it flashes green the goes to orange lamp led. What is wrong?
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    Mitsubishi TV Model WD-73733 White Dots

    Does anyone have information about this model and its issue with multiplying white dots? I spoke with a CSR who told me that they replaced the malfunctioning part, but that their "obligation in the state of California" expired 4 years ago, which I'm sure she's been isntructed to respond with...
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    I have a mitsubishi medallion HD 180 serial number ws 65413 the color stop what's wrong please help me.

    Color went out of big screen TV serial number ws 65413 what's wrong,it's a mitsubishi medallion.HD 1080
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    WD-82837 Mitsubishi television

    Well, I only wish Mitsubishi customer service would have agreed to all you indicated above. Instead, they said that I am outside the 7 year warranty. They argue because of that, they will not cover it. Of course I can argue, get mad, yell, cajole, you name it but I get I would rather not...
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    Mitsubishi found new home but won't work help me please!

    What's wrong with this thing ? It worked before I tried to put a remote to it ! Now when you plug it in it goes to flashing green to three yellow flashes back to the flashing green ! You hear the fan come on but you can't even turn the flashing lights off ! (Was found in the trash with out a...
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    Help With Mitsubishi DLP TV

    Hello, I have a Mitsubishi DLP WD-73736, after 8 years of faithful service and 2 bulb changes, calamity struck. I bought the exact replacement lamp I have used to times before, removed the old lamp, inserted the new one until I felt the faint click, put the screws in, fired it up new lamp...
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    Can I turn my speakers on my Mitsubishi wd-60737 on

    My Mitsubishi keeps telling me the speakers are off an I can't turn them on
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    LOUD screaming whine but perfect pictures!

    I have an unbearable high pitched scream coming for my Mitsubishi model LT-46249 but the picture is 100% perfection. Clear and bright! I can push the volume button and see it going up and down on the screen but the whine doesn't change and there is NO show volume. Any one help please!!! Single...
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    Solved! Mitsubishi TV Question

    I have a Mitsubishi TV and the other night I heard a big pop and smelled a smoke smell. TV power light comes on but no sound or picture. Is this a bulb or something else?
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    Deciding if i should try to repair projector

    I have a Mitsubishi SL4SU projector and have been happy with it. The power cord was accidentally unplugged while it was running. I may have made a mistake, but I plugged it back in immediately. The image looked normal but then white began fade within 5-10 minutes to a noticeable darker image...
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    Help with tv please

    I have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv it was a white light blinking and now the tv wont even come on please help
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    video to hdmi and adapters

    I need to know what I need as plug in for videa to hdmi for my mitsubishi 55807 .
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    Second time with white dots

    Second time with white dots appearing on our 65 inch Mitsubishi what
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    Mitsubishi WS-65819 convergence problem

    This is my first post. I have a 2002 model Mitsubishi WS-65819. It has two STK392-570 convergence chips that were replaced by a technician in 2010. Recently the picture suddenly went into the classic "bad convergence chips" view: curved 3D with rainbow colors across the entire screen. This...
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    How do I fix the white dots on my Mitsubishi tv

    It shows white dots
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    60" Mitsubishi dlp sound but no picture

    i have a 60" Mitsubishi dlp. it got really dim, I changed the lamp and it worked great. Turned it off and when I turned it back on, I got sound, but just a black screen. after a minute, the red lamp light came on. I took the lamp out and checked everything, put it back in and turned it on...
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    wheres reset on 73 in projection mitsubishi tv

    Replaced blub that burned out had power and sound when shut down now power light blinking no sound or picture. ?
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    Replaced bulb. Green light, no sound

    It's 73 inch Mitsubishi DLP projection tv. I replaced the bulb.No pic. green light stays on, got sound
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    mitsubishi wd-82737 troubleshooting

    I have a Mitsubishi WD-82737 82 inch TV. The issue is the screen comes on to the main screen then shuts off. the front indicator light is not displaying any types of coded just continuous red flashing. I have replaced the DMD board and the Power board. It worked one time after changing the...