Question Unable to Connect Laptop to TV with HDMI

Nov 10, 2019
About three months ago, I had accidentally spilled my soda on my laptop, I literally took my laptop apart let it dry for 24 hours and while that saved the motherboard from getting fried I was unable to save my laptop's screen which I guess some of the soda leaked into the screen component so now if it's at a certain angle the screen goes white. It wasn't a big deal since I was able to plug into my tv via through an HDMI cable and for awhile everything was fine. But several weeks ago, I hooked my computer and tv back up I noticed the tv wasn't displaying my computer screen. At first I thought it was because the HDMI cable was old so I went to get a spare one and sure enough it was back up and running again. Everything was fine until a few days ago went it did the same thing again. At first, I thought it was my tv since it was old as well, but then I started to think that it wasn't the tv or cable, it was my computer. So I did a little test, I took my computer down stairs and plugged it into the living room's TV and sure enough it was doing the exact same thing, no display on the tv at all. I then plugged the HDMI cable into the blue ray and turned it on which "surprisingly" enough was being displayed on the TV. Even though, it sounds like the HDMI port on my laptop was damaged as well but to be honest both of the HDMI cables are really old, I don't remember when we bought them that's how old the are and I believe one of them has given us connection trouble in the past. Should I test my computer one more time with a brand new HDMI cable or should I save that money for a new computer?
Well, when you let it dry after the soda spill, if you didn't then go in it and clean up all the sticky residue after (there is always residue) and then let it dry after that as well, you likely had stuff in there the whole time you have been using it since the spill. Which could have damaged any number of things, including the GPU, the USB port, etc.

If it is relatively new then I would try contacting a few local techs to see what they would charge just to look it over and determine the actual damage. It may turn out to be something reasonably priced. However if they say it is more expensive work, then I would consider a new device.
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