Question Voice control Vizio E3D320VX with Alexa Firestick

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May 15, 2021
Hi Everyone, I have a Vizio 3D E3D320VX TV /w WIFI and using a Firestick.

I can use the Firestick remote to power on/off - adjust volume without any issue. Thing is, I used to have control via voice for the power on and off as well.
I just cleaned up Alexa by removing virtually everything. Now, I can't seem to do this. It does not have Smartcast so I can't use the Smartcast skill on this one I don't think?

The Firestick shows as a device in my Alexa App, but if I say "Alexa, power on Office TV Firestick" it says can't find the device. I believe you have to link the TV to the Firestick to do this, but that's where I'm stuck. It's not finding it on a scan. My VIZIO Smartcast TV works just fine.

I don't remember how I did this before....can anyone help me out? I'm at a complete loss.

Thank you so much!
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