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  1. A

    Question Undo Firestick Updates ?

    How to undo the Firestick updates? The latest one is making me crazy! Thanks!
  2. AjB11

    Question Amazon Firestick won't work with Sharp's 32 inch TV

    Hello recently bought a refurbished sharp 32 inch TV (model LC-32LE185LM) and it just wouldn't work with my Amazon firestick. Occasionally it shows the fire logo and then theres a slight blipp then it goes blank. Stick works on my Samsung 24 inch monitor without issues (although since its a...
  3. Loyalty172

    Question Voice control Vizio E3D320VX with Alexa Firestick

    Hi Everyone, I have a Vizio 3D E3D320VX TV /w WIFI and using a Firestick. I can use the Firestick remote to power on/off - adjust volume without any issue. Thing is, I used to have control via voice for the power on and off as well. I just cleaned up Alexa by removing virtually everything...
  4. S

    Solved! Fire stick 4K and Onkyo TX NR626 - No sound

    Hi ... I have my Fire stick 4K connected to one of the HDMI IN ports of the Onkyo TX NR626 and the HDMI out from the receiver is going to a EPSON Projector and speakers connected to the Receiver. I get no sound but I get video. I have tried changing different settings but nothing. Any help will...
  5. Rightoverdere

    Question Wifi issue with firestick plugged into a ruko tv

    I just got a new rca 4k roku tv, I am using a 4k firestick. But for some reason the wifi signal is less then 10 mbps. My plan is 500 mbps. My wifi signal on my phone is over 100 mbps so I know it's not a wifi problem. I had the same firestick plugged into my sony 1080p tv and got amazing wifi...
  6. S

    Question How to connect firestick through older home theater without HDMI

    I have an old Sony STR-K4800P home theater system without HDMI and I'd like to have my firestick play through the system. One suggestion is to purchase this: HDMI to Composite AV Converter for Amazon Fire Streaming Stick -...
  7. K

    Solved! Connect my firestick when only hdmi is being used for dish box?

    Received Amazon Firestick for Christmas. My tv has only one HDMI port and it is used for Dish network receiver. Can I use a splitter?
  8. K

    Firestic with surround sound

    Trying to get Firestick to work with my surround sound system. I have Panasonic 65VT-50 and a Pioneer VSX-LX101. Obviously if i connect the firestick to one of the HDMIs on the tv it wont be going to the surround sound. How do i get the firestick to come through the surround sound system?I also...
  9. I

    Is Jailbreaking a Firestick to show free movies illegal

    There is this ad I saw on craigslist where this guy is jailbreaking a firestick to work and show free movies, is this legal, or is the a scam? Ive heard some people are doing it but isnt that like piracy?