Question Help with my setup

Apr 1, 2024
I have a Weingard rooftop OTA digital antenna with a coax cable connected to an exterior grounding block. I want to use this antenna on my smart TV and my dumb TV. I have several questions.

Can this type of antenna work with a direct connection to a dumb TV or do I have to use an OTA DVR like Tablo between the antenna and the dumb TV?

To avoid opening drywall, can my dumb TV get the signal wirelessly from Tablo if I get a firestick or a Roku stick?

Does the signal from Tablo go through my wireless router or does Tablo have an integrated router inside?

With regard to my smart TV, can I connect it directly to my digital antenna, or can it get the signal through Tablo?

Any other info that might help would be appreciated. Is Tablo the OTA DVR to get? Roku vs Firestick?