Trouble automatically connecting samsung sound bar when turning vizio tv on.


May 26, 2015
So, I have a Samsung HW-H550 sound bar (with wireless subwoofer) connected to a Vizio M55 TV. It is connected properly using HDMI arc, sound works and everything. However if I turn on the TV, which automatically turns on the sound bar, it doesn't work right. The sound then plays from both the tv speakers and the sound bar.

Ex 1.
1. Turn on sound bar
2. Turn on tv
Works perfectly - tv doesn't play sound and tv volume controls sound bar volume

Ex 2.
1. Turn on tv when sound bar off (sound bar is automatically turned on)
Sound plays from both tv speakers and sound bar independently

Ex 3.
1. Turn on tv when sound bar off
Sound plays from both tv speakers and sound bar independently
2. Turn sound bar off and on with tv on
Then it works just fine

I think this is a problem with the timing of the sound bar turning on with the tv. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or has anyone run into this problem?
It is a matter of which is on first. When the soundbar is off and the TV turns on it doesn't handshake with it and decides to turn on TV sound since there is no soundbar. Try not turning the soundbar off at all. It might go into standby but work correctly when the TV is turned on. You can try turning off CEC in the TV setup menu. The control commands often don't work with mixed brands.


Oct 12, 2016
On the top right hand side of the Samsung remote, there's a button labeled 'SoundConnect', press this after the soundboard is switched on and it should connect to the tv sound.
Bit of a faff every time you want to watch tv but it's the only way I've found to connect them, I've a Samsung tv and i still have to do this too!