How to Connect Vizio M50-E1 and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483

Apr 15, 2018
I tried to connect my Vizio M50-E1 TV and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483 via HDMI using ARC but nothing is working - I tried all possible combination. I enabled ARC on my TV but it doesn't recognize my receiver. Also on my Receiver "HDMI out" is blinking RED when my TV is on. What I am trying to achieve as you all know is to have my TV sound play on my in ceiling speakers.
I am a novice here, but would like to understand something and hope that you can help. How will my receiver "send" the sound received from the TV to my in ceiling speakers ?That's what I don't understand actually besides the fact that the HDMI connection is not working. Let me add that my in ceiling speakers are connected via sonos and it streams all my music from various devices beautifully.
Should I consider Optical connection? Problem is that just renovated my place and closed all walls but if that's the only solution I might be able to snake the optical cable (but will prefer to find another option)
I just hope that I can do the same with my TV via my receiver
I thank you in advance for your help
You may have to assign HDMI-ARC to an input name in the receiver input menu.
HDMI ARC uses spare wires in the HDMI cable that sends video to the TV to send digital audio from the TV back to the receiver. Saves having to run an additional optical cable to do the same thing. It doesn't support lossless audio codecs like Dolby TrueHD so it's best to connect those sources directly to the receiver.
Check the Yamaha manual.
Apr 15, 2018
I renamed it as "HDMI-ARC" on the Receiver and It didn't work. I also renamed it HDMI-1on my TV to "HDMI-ARC" But still nothing. Maybe I am missing a simple step in my TV? I enabled ARC but yet it doesn't recognize my receiver.
Just FYI - I don't cable and a box and watching all content via vizio smartcast...So when I select audio input HDMI-1 (ARC) on my TV, whatever I was streaming disappears and It's showing HDMI-1 screen in all black.
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