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  1. C

    Solved! No surround sound with Amazon Fire Stick Lite

    Hi everyone! I've just acquired an Amazon Fire Stick Lite. It's plugged in my Samsung TV (model : UE32F6400AW) in HDMI 3. I also plugged in my Blu-Ray player / 5.1 audio receiver (model : LG LHB625M) in my TV HDMI 2 ARC. As a reference, Amazon Prime is pre-installed on my Samsung TV and sends...
  2. B

    Solved! no audio with Sony x80j, Logitech G51 and optical/rca adapter

    Hi! So I have a new Sony/Bravia x80j and an old Logitech G51 audio system. The audio system only has rca inputs, and the tv doesn't have rca out. So I got a Musou optical to rca adapter and set it up - I saw somebody in the reviews say that most people would hear static until they switched from...
  3. H

    Question Optical Soundbar to HDMI ARC TV

    I purchased a generic BYL soundbar that has an optical input but I want to connect it to my HDMI ARC port on my TCL 65S425 so I can use my TV remote control the volume. There are many audio converters on Amazon to choose and I have no idea which one will work for me. Can somebody please help...
  4. ddk0014

    Solved! Soundbar, TV box and Chromecast Issue

    Hi ppl. I am trying to connect my Soundbar to work with Android TV box and Chromecast I have currently plugged in Android TV box and Chromecast via HDMI to TV (not HDMI ARC, TV doesn't have ARC or optical inputs/outputs) but unsure how to connect Soundbar Only option I could think of is to use...
  5. N

    Bought an Optical to 3 x 3.5mm Audio Converter and can't get it to work

    Hello, so, i have a problem and need some help please. My TV only has optical audio out and i bought a 5.1 sound system with 3 x 3.5mm... Already that's a smart choice -.-' Then, i bought a optical audio converter with optical in and 3 x 3.5mm out so i could connect the tv to the sound...
  6. M

    How to Connect Vizio M50-E1 and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483

    Hello, I tried to connect my Vizio M50-E1 TV and Yamaha Receiver RX-V483 via HDMI using ARC but nothing is working - I tried all possible combination. I enabled ARC on my TV but it doesn't recognize my receiver. Also on my Receiver "HDMI out" is blinking RED when my TV is on. What I am trying to...
  7. M

    How to get audio from TV to hi-fi music system while using the Xbox 360 E model?

    I did some digging but before I execute I like to know if it's even going to work So I connect my Xbox 360 E with HDMI to my TV. And I want the audio of the TV to my hi-fi audio setup (sharp xl-hf 202). The only output audio my TV has is optical And my sharp xl-hf 202 only has audio in Can I...
  8. E

    Creative Sound Blaster XFI 5.1 Simultaneous output (OPT + 5.1 jacks)

    Hi, I've been looking into the forums and all over the internet and I couldn't find any info about this. I would like to know if I can connect my Headset (Optical audio) and a 5.1 system (5.1 jacks) to this sound card (Creative Sound Blaster XFI 5.1) and get sound simultaneously. I want to turn...
  9. A

    5.1 audio from TV to PC (digital optical to USB)

    So, I am going to throw this out here - perhaps someone has dealt with this before and can help me: * I have a 5.1 sound setup, consisting of stand-alone active speakers, connected to my PC via a external sound card (Xonar U7). * I have a TV (55PUT6400), connected to PC via HDMI - I can play...
  10. M

    3 RCA analog (5.1 audio) to digital

    Hello, i need help if is it possible to conver 3 RCA jacks (5.1 audio) to digital spdif (coaxial/optical)output. The point is that I have ROCCAT Kave xtd 5.1 digital headphones with real 5.1 sound card but it has onla 3x RCA 3.5mm jack output for 5.1 audio but my home theater receiver have only...
  11. A

    SSD in ODD not reconized in BIOS, but accessible in Explorer

    Hi all, I've read alot of these types of topics on the past hours, but few describe my situation, so I'm desperate for any help. I'll just post the entire installation proccess and troubleshooting i did: Laptop: Toshiba Satelite L50-A-18T(pskk6e) SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB mounted in Optical...
  12. L

    Help with old receiver

    Hi, it is my first time on this forum so I hope i'm on the good thread and in the good place. I got two questions for all of you that can help me :)! 1-I just bought an analog to optical converter, for my receiver because it is too old too accept either optical cable/hdmi. The goal here is too...
  13. K

    Streamline device audio

    Hi, I recently purchased a Yamaha RX V377 in the hopes of streamlining my audio setup for the below devices. http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-RX-V377-5-1-Channel-Theater-Receiver/dp/B00HZE2WW8/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_i I have an Xbox One and a PS4 connected via HDMI to the receiver. The video...
  14. C

    AV Receiver not outputting sound from sound card.

    I am using the ASUS Xonar DGX sound card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829132052 and a Onkyo TX-SR500: http://www.onkyousa.com/Products/model.php?m=TX-SR500&class=Receiver I am attempting to get surround sound working through these devices. I have my sound system...
  15. D

    Realtek digital optical output stops working after varying amounts of time, and won't turn back on afterwards

    My mobo is - ASUS Z170-A LGA 1151 Intel Z170 My setup runs the optical cord from the back of my computer into my Astro mix-amp which my speakers/headset is plugged into. When I set my realtek optical as default it works for anywhere from like 10 seconds to 5 minutes, then completely stops and...
  16. A

    LG TV optical PCM output distortion (clipping, fuzzy...) to soundbar

    Hi All, I'm experiencing a very strange issue with my HDTV (LG 42LB5610) and new soundbar (LG LAS350B). Okay, first the issue itself, and then the circumstances how it shows up: The issue: Audio output via optical cable from TV sounds... incorrect. I don't know how to describe it best --...
  17. BeeBahBoo

    Audio coming from PC. The best option.

    To put this as simply as I can, I'm trying to get the best audio I can from my PC. Is there a difference between HDMI audio to TV, then ARC out to receiver, and HDMI audio out to TV > optical to receiver? Or should I not do any of that and send audio from PC via optical directly to receiver?
  18. W

    how to get true 5.1 sound from my macbook pro optical port (receiver doesn't have hdmi in)?

    I've tried midi setup and can only configure 2 speakers not 5. I can get virtual surround sound, but not true surround sound. All the threads say use hdmi cable, but my receiver doesn't have an hdmi in (Samsung). Is there a solution? (Separately, I'm putting movies onto a flash drive, and...
  19. HVCFOG3Y34

    Combine PS4 TOSlink and computer sound into 1 TOSlink output

    Im trying to combine my PS4 5.1 sound (which is a TOSlink digital output) with my computer into one digital signal. I want to do this because I have a pair of x41 turtle beaches that has only one input and I want to be able to hear my computer sound and my PS4 sound at the same time but I also...
  20. A

    5.1 from PC works Except for gaming, any help?

    I have an HTPC with an Asrock Z87 Extreme6 motherboard (http://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Z87%20Extreme6/) outputting audio via optical cable to a Pioneer Elite VSX-74VXTi. I use this setup for both media watching and PC gaming. Currently if I play a movie that has a 5.1 track it will play in 5.1...
  21. covertcode

    digital optical selector with remote?

    Hey there I am looking at buying some form of digital optical selector. something I can plug my xbox one ps4 and pc optical cables into and then have a single optical cable out into speakers / headphones and then have a remote to select what device I want to use. EG : optical cable 1 >...
  22. T

    SPDIF (optical) support 5.1?

    Okay, so this should be a reasonably easy question, my motherboard's (ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z) on board audio card/chip has an optical audio option. I recently saw a fairly good amplifier that supports 5.1 and optical, and I would like to use it for my pc setup. My question is, since I never...
  23. T

    Will Memtest run faster on a SSD compared to a CD?

    Memtest takes so many hours to finish. I was wondering if it would help things any to run it off a SSD drive instead of booting off a CD. Or maybe a USB 3.0 thumb drive?
  24. N

    Not entirely sure what I need.

    Hi, Over the years I've kept kept up when it comes to the video side of things (such as HDMI, S-Video and PC connections etc), however my knowledge of audio tech is extremely lacking. For some time I've had various consoles (PS2/3, XBOX etc) as well as my PC which have all used RCA stereo for...
  25. B

    Figuring out my best audio option.

    Ok I typed something out last time and it just erased it so tl:dwtrt Had a Gamecon 770 and the arch snapped, cord is fine Bought a Turtle Beach DPX21 used it through USB for headset and 3.5mm because my sound card didn't have optical Bought a usb sound card(device?) now I could use optical...