Combine PS4 TOSlink and computer sound into 1 TOSlink output


Oct 2, 2013
Im trying to combine my PS4 5.1 sound (which is a TOSlink digital output) with my computer into one digital signal. I want to do this because I have a pair of x41 turtle beaches that has only one input and I want to be able to hear my computer sound and my PS4 sound at the same time but I also want to keep my surround sound from by PS4. I have this cheap $30 sound card that has an optical input and one output and i tried to connect my ps4 to the input and the output to my turtle beach transmitter. I got the sound from my ps4 to travel through my computer to the transmitter but no sound from my computer went through. The cheapo sound card i have is this one.
I hate this sound card but i needed a digital optical output to get the sound from my computer to my transmitter. If anyone could please tell me how to get my sound from my PS4 and my computer to mix into one digital optical wire that would be great.
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