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  1. A

    Question All I get is static(white noise) when I use optical on my av receiver

    For the life of me I can’t figure out 5.1 won’t work I’ve just installed all new speaker wires to all of the speakers, when I use any analog signal it works perfectly but not Toslink. The things I’ve tried so far are...plugging the Toslink in to my Tv To the receiver (using a fire tv) nothing...
  2. C

    Solved! Panasonic Viera to Toslink to Bluetooth Headphones

    Hello, I have a Panasonic TC-L37U22 TV. I bought a Toslink bluetooth transmitter to work with the digital audio out jack on the TV (the only audio out available). I can pair the headphones to the transmitter, but the sound isn't transmitting. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
  3. K

    Getting Surround Audio with a Computer

    I've been using an old pioneer receiver (vsx-90txv) as a stereo amplifier for two sets of speakers and a sub woofer. I came by a set of surround speakers at a thrift store and am wondering how to work them into my setup. I've been using a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect my PC to the receiver but...
  4. S

    connecting soundbar with tv

    I have got a new F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Sound bar and I have a VIDEOCON DDB smart led TV 42inch I have problem in connecting the sound bar with my TV can anyone help me with this
  5. Leonel_3

    TOSLINK vs RCA with 24-bit files. What should I use?

    Good day fellow users. I currently have the Logitech Z906 connected to my PC through the Sound Blaster Z's TOSLINK port. I just recently got my hands on some sweet material; Rush's 2112 and Jethro Tull's Aqualung on 24-bit; for each, I have the stereo, quad and surround (5.1) files. My...
  6. T

    Stream fm PC to HDTV

    I would like to stream from my PC to my HD TV. I tried HDMI to HDMI but did not get sound. In my research I found I need an optical/digital/audio cable. I purchased a Toslink optical/digital/audio cable only to find I do not have a port on my PC to support. Is there an adapter I can purchase...
  7. BeeBahBoo

    Audio coming from PC. The best option.

    To put this as simply as I can, I'm trying to get the best audio I can from my PC. Is there a difference between HDMI audio to TV, then ARC out to receiver, and HDMI audio out to TV > optical to receiver? Or should I not do any of that and send audio from PC via optical directly to receiver?
  8. W

    how to get true 5.1 sound from my macbook pro optical port (receiver doesn't have hdmi in)?

    I've tried midi setup and can only configure 2 speakers not 5. I can get virtual surround sound, but not true surround sound. All the threads say use hdmi cable, but my receiver doesn't have an hdmi in (Samsung). Is there a solution? (Separately, I'm putting movies onto a flash drive, and...
  9. H

    Time for Upgrade? -- HDMI home receiver vs. toslink or coaxial receiver

    Hello, everyone. I've provided a bunch of background information on my set up and wiring in here in hopes to receive some quality input from this community. Currently, I run my DirecTV & Xbox One HDMI outputs to TV's HDMI input. To play the play audio on my old (RCA input-only) receiver, I...
  10. L

    Optical Audio Connection to PC

    Hi guys, Having some trouble connecting my 'Toshiba SBM1W Mini 3D Sound Bar' to my PC via the optical audio connection. The soundcard in my PC is an 'Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 PCI-Express'. I purchased a 'XO Digital Optical Toslink Cable' alongside the sound bar from recommendations on Amazon to...
  11. HVCFOG3Y34

    Combine PS4 TOSlink and computer sound into 1 TOSlink output

    Im trying to combine my PS4 5.1 sound (which is a TOSlink digital output) with my computer into one digital signal. I want to do this because I have a pair of x41 turtle beaches that has only one input and I want to be able to hear my computer sound and my PS4 sound at the same time but I also...
  12. soldier5637

    Broke optical input on receiver. Need to repair! how??

    Hello I have a Samsung HT-E550 5.1 surround sound system. I accidentally broke the optical input jack when i was taking out the plug last time. Can i get a replacement jack? I put the cord in and it just falls out now. I've contacted Samsung and they say that i need to take it to a repair...