Nov 1, 2015

I recently purchased a Yamaha RX V377 in the hopes of streamlining my audio setup for the below devices.

I have an Xbox One and a PS4 connected via HDMI to the receiver. The video outputs perfectly. The HDMI out on th receiver is connected to a Asus PB278Q monitor.

I then have the Razer Leviathan Soundbar and the Halo Astro A50 headset. Both use optical audio. This presents a problem as I need to run them through the receiver to get audio from them. - Razer Leviathan - Astro Headset

There is an optical input option on the receiver but I don't believe it will receive audio and output it to the Razer Leviathan or the Astro A50 headset. In my brief tests, I have only been able to receive audio directly from the HDMI cable connected to both the Xbox One and the Asus Monitor. This also has proven to be true for the PS4 and the Asus Monitor HDMI connection.

Is there a method where I can connect my Razer Leviathan Soundbar and my Astro A50 in order to use those devices with this setup?

I also would eventually like to bring my desktop computer into the equation but that isn't a big priority for me. Currently, I'm more interested in getting things back up and running regarding audio with the aforementioned devices.

Is there anyone that can help me with the brainstorming on this? I could use some help since I'm unsure what to do. I recently bought the receiver from Amazon so I can return it if needed but the Razer Leviathan and the Astro A50's, I can not return and I don't want them to be rendered into paper weights if possible.


Well guess you could plug your PS4 or XBox One from it's optical to the device, that seems kind of tedious as you would have to swap from the console to the headphone or the soundbar all the time.

Really, the receiver isn't doing much for you here. You could get away with something like this for starters.

Plug your PS4/PC/XBox one into the HDMI ports and your monitor into the output. That's all your receiver is doing but at a much higher cost since your headphones and soundbar are already amplified, you don't need a reciever. Now that device I listed has a optical output that whatever HDMI port is playing sound, will go out the optical port.

Now you have 1 optical. Now a Toslink splitter like this

Will split the 1 optical into 2, so 1 goes into your soundbar, one into your headphone.

So under $50 and 3 optical cables and your done.
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