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  1. T

    Solved! I have a Yamaha r-s500 reciever but no way to connect it to my tv which only has hdmi

    I got the reciever from a friend and some jbl 5.1 speakers but theres no way to connect it to my tv through hdmi. I bought an hdmi to ac converter but that didnt work in any if the ports. Any help so I could connect the tv or even my phone because theres no aux cable
  2. bluebadger12

    Question Can a Graphic Equalizer be used with a Receiver?

    I have a Kenwood GE-89 graphic equalizer and a JVC RX-554Z Reciever. Am i able to run audio from the receiver, into the equalizer, and then through my speakers?
  3. P

    Powered subwoofer not playing

    I recently bought a Fender PDP Powered Subwoofer, and I cannot get it to play from my Pioneer VSX-D409. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and I cannot get it to play through it. All of my other speakers do. The subwoofer works–as I’ve played music directly and solely through it. Can someone...
  4. Q

    Preamp connections on my reciever

    I have a Denon AVR-786, and I did not buy it new so please be patient with me. I see where my powered subwoofer hooks up on the back, but I am just wondering if the rest of the hook ups there in the same general area are also pre amp connections.
  5. B

    Pioneer VSX-1124 Rebooting When Streaming Music

    Hi! I have a Pioneer VSX-1124 home theater receiver that seems to randomly lock up and reboot only when streaming music (from Pandora or Internet Radio). I only recently started having this issue when I modified the way that my receiver connects to my home network. I recently changed my...
  6. K

    Streamline device audio

    Hi, I recently purchased a Yamaha RX V377 in the hopes of streamlining my audio setup for the below devices. I have an Xbox One and a PS4 connected via HDMI to the receiver. The video...
  7. I

    How to output only sound through HDMI

    Hi, I have a very specific problem, I have an HDMI passthrough reciever and am using it for my PC. I want to get the best sound quality possible but dont want to plug my display into the reciever. When I have the hdmi cable plugged into the reciever even without a display plugged into the...