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  1. MianAJ

    Question Alternative of a DVD ROM for a DVD player?

    Hi Friends, I need a little help here. Is it possible to install a USB or an HDMI source as an input to a Philips HTS 3548 in replacement of it's DVD ROM? Because 1- this HTS model is very old and support only avi video format through it's built in USB socket. 2- there's no HDMI / video input...
  2. K

    Streamline device audio

    Hi, I recently purchased a Yamaha RX V377 in the hopes of streamlining my audio setup for the below devices. http://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-RX-V377-5-1-Channel-Theater-Receiver/dp/B00HZE2WW8/ref=cm_cd_al_qh_dp_i I have an Xbox One and a PS4 connected via HDMI to the receiver. The video...
  3. S

    Can I play my ps3 on my laptop? I have an Acer Aspire E 15 and was wondering how I install an hdmi input onto it.

    How to Install HDMI input onto Acer Aspire E 15