Nov 25, 2015
Hi, it is my first time on this forum so I hope i'm on the good thread and in the good place.
I got two questions for all of you that can help me :)!
1-I just bought an analog to optical converter, for my receiver because it is too old too accept either optical cable/hdmi. The goal here is too play audio from my ps4 to my sound system. It actually works I connected my old receiver to the converter with analog and the optical with my TV, the PS4 is linked to the TV with HDMI. My question is, should I connect directly my receiver to my ps4(using the same method as said above) OR with my tv to get the BEST sound quality?

2-Second question, after I connected the receiver to my TV and put on the ps4 audio option on Optical Cable use(I have the choice between HDMI or Optical in the option menu) they ask me what INPUT FORMAT IS SUPPORTED BY THE DEVICE using digital out(optical port).
-Dolby digital 5.1ch
-DTS 5.1ch
(Note: I can check more than one of the option above). Which one is the best for me ?

Additional info :
Receiver: DENON DRA-295
TV:LG 32LH20
Two technics speaker
One subwoofer (Hikon*?)

Thanks in advance!


I would leave it the way you have it. You should be able to use the stereo for other inputs to the TV with the way you have it. The quality won't be any different between the HDMI to the TV and the optical out on th PS3. The only down side is that you have to have the TV on to hear anything.