Question Vizio TV, Samsung Soundbar, HELP

Feb 25, 2020
I have the sub and Soundbar synced. I have the HDMI out (Soundbar) hooked directly into the back of the TV. I researched and read about ARC and enabling CES and all this stuff but I’m thoroughly confused. I can control volume with Soundbar remote, but TV has no sound. Not sure if the hook up is wrong, if CES or ARC settings on TV are wrong, not sure what input to have everything on. Please help! So confused I registered for a Tom’s Guide account to ask for help (haha). Thanks in advance!


You are connecting the soundbar Output to the TV, so I am guessing you have something connected to the soundbar for audio? For audio from the TV to the soundbar you need to connect the TV audio out to the soundbar input, unless your cable box is in the soundbar and then passing through to the TV with the soundbar out. If you think about it for a second, output goes FROM the device to something. If you connect the soundbar output to the TV then you are expecting the soundbar to generate the sound and pass it to the TV.
Both the TV and the soundbar have to support ARC for you to use an HDMI cable to get sound from the TV to the soundbar. The TV will have only one HDMI-ARC port.
You need to turn ARC in the TV menu for it to work. The TV speaker may have to be turned off too. Sometimes when you turn ARC on it does that automatically. You may also have to change the audio output type in the TV menu.
CEC allows you to use the TV remote to adjust the volume of the soundbar and to turn the soundbar on and off when the TV does that.