Honor 5x Battery draining

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Sep 12, 2013
I bought a honor 5x 2 days ago after watching all the reviews about the good battery life and overall performance. when i got the phone, the battery start draining. so i turned off the 4g to 2g low brightness, all application closed , gravity sensor off almost i did everything. still after that by just using the wifi was killing the battery. used it for 15-20 min with wifi - opened chrome and whatsapp same old settings , battery went from 100% to 74%.

Closed all the apps, still the phone was literally hot i could feel it in my pocket, gave the temperature of 40 degrees without any open app + battery went from 70% to 30%(Without using any app, ram cleared + did it again with the cleaner)

Today just used the instagram for like an hour, went from to 88% to 29%.
is it normal guys ? or should i ask for a replacement ?
Definitely not normal. Make sure you're all caught up on system updates, but it's possible you got a lemon in which case, a replacement would be the way to go.
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