Car Charger vs. my specific Brand of Cellphone


Apr 20, 2014
Good day,

Had a look through the car charger related topics didn't find something that answered the query I currently have:

This is the phone I have:

This is the Car Charger they want to sell:

This is what I am looking at for those long trips were one or more smartphone will be charged at a time: http://

Now I am worried about damaging my phone/phone's battery with the third URL's Car Charger device. Say when I am charging a Samsung S5 and my Gobii IVP at the same time since there is some warning on the page of the divice from the third url
Output: 5V DC, 1A (5W) When charging multiple devices, total current must not exceed specified limit

That - I am worried about :)
Additional - Will be using the USB to mini USB cable that came with my Gobii

Any input about the voltage thing? What not to do? Don't worry goahead?

Input will be highly appreciated since am poised to buy.

Kind Regards