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  1. Icedkopee

    Question PLEASE HELP

    I recently dropped my laptop charger almost at a waist height and now it doesn't power or charge my laptop. Also i plugged it in and there was a small spark so now I'm afraid that it might've done something to my laptop. I don't really have a background with this kind of situation so i don't...
  2. N

    Question Sometimes my phone dont recognize charger

    My phone is samsung s9+ and sometimes when I conect my charger, nothing happens and my phone dont recognize the charger, but when I unplug the charger and plug it again it fix.I only use orginal chargers.Also when the phone recognize the charger, charging is very good and fast. The port also isn...
  3. G

    Best Qi Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X

    Cut the cord for your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X with a convenient wireless charger that supports the Qi standard. Best Qi Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X : Read more
  4. X

    The end of the head of my charger...

    so today , while i was charging my laptop. i lifted the laptop up and also forgetting about it charging. and the head of the charger is broke off. and only some of the robber is holding the head back in place. is there anyway of fixing this Or do i have to buy a new one. Also my laptop is a...
  5. faulty_it

    Car Charger vs. my specific Brand of Cellphone

    Good day, Had a look through the car charger related topics didn't find something that answered the query I currently have: This is the phone I have: http:// This is the Car Charger they want to sell: http:// This is what I am looking at for those long trips were one or more smartphone will...
  6. A

    Compatibility Cross Reference?

    I need to know something simple (hopefully). Where can I find a site(s) with a good multi-brand laptop Charger compatibility search (cross-reference) ??? And Battery compatibility search ??? I know I must be blind lately because I have searched & searched to find one, to no avail. Ive found a...