Compatibility Cross Reference?


Aug 1, 2013
I need to know something simple (hopefully). Where can I find a site(s) with a good multi-brand laptop Charger compatibility search (cross-reference) ??? And Battery compatibility search ??? I know I must be blind lately because I have searched & searched to find one, to no avail. Ive found a few brand specific (i.e. Dell) but Im needing one that will tell you for example what Dell & Asus laptops chargers will fit a hp 2000-239dx or what Or whether a Toshiba L305 battery will fit in a Lenova G450 (just examples; I don't even own any of those). And I need it to include laptop models that are even over 3 years old!
Thank you for your time & for any/all assistance.

Currently I'm needing to know every laptop's:

  • Battery that will fit a Gateway mc7801u
    Wall Charger that will fit an Acer Aspire s3-391-6046