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  1. Darfishaan

    Question Battery gets grained after every 2 hours

    Hello! I am a affiliate blogger and I am using hp laptop and recently I have faced some issues with the battery and after that I have renewed that imidiatly. Now I am facing that issue again and again. What happens exactly ? When I start writing a blog or when I start posting anything or...
  2. N

    Solved! Given 3 brokenish laptops... No clue which one to fix/how to fix/etc...

    Sorry in advance for the headache and the noobiness.... Ok, I have a Toshiba Satellite L875-s7103 (Screen is cracked, and the battery is shot I believe...don't have original charger either) Also have a HP Pavilion g7-1075dx (Screen doesn't come on, wasn't given a charger either) And lastly, a...
  3. rutherfordsc

    Tesla Powerwall Battery Ready to Power Your Home

    First Tesla revolutionized batteries for electric vehicles, now it's looking to do the same for homes with its Powerwall home battery. Tesla Powerwall Battery Ready to Power Your Home : Read more
  4. J

    ASUS Notebook Won't Charge Past ~75%

    A week or two, I noticed that my notebook seemed to be taking much longer to charge. I could turn it off, plug it in, and come home a few hours later with the orange charging light STILL on. It felt like it was always charging. I did some data-gathering today and realized that it's not often...
  5. A

    Compatibility Cross Reference?

    I need to know something simple (hopefully). Where can I find a site(s) with a good multi-brand laptop Charger compatibility search (cross-reference) ??? And Battery compatibility search ??? I know I must be blind lately because I have searched & searched to find one, to no avail. Ive found a...