Question Given 3 brokenish laptops... No clue which one to fix/how to fix/etc...

Jun 17, 2019
Sorry in advance for the headache and the noobiness....
Ok, I have a Toshiba Satellite L875-s7103 (Screen is cracked, and the battery is shot I believe...don't have original charger either)
Also have a HP Pavilion g7-1075dx (Screen doesn't come on, wasn't given a charger either)
And lastly, a Dell Inspiron 1440 (Hard drive issues, once again NO CHARGER)

All i want is a laptop to record music on, I have external hard drive enclosures, plenty hard drives, etc. Biggest issue is I cannot turn any of these laptops on. (they are all dead by the way)

Im not rich, so wondering where to start....which laptop would be the best one to buy a charger/battery for? Are any parts in these laptops compatible? Is there any DIY tricks to help me get started? Lol, please help guide me! Im ready to throw them all against the wall.
first, get a universal charger, which can power all three with adapters
the wattage and voltage needed should be labeled at the bottom on each laptop. Wattage can be equal or more , voltage should be the same as written on the label.,2852.html (bit old but still explains all you wanna know about chargers for laptops)

you can try and exchange the HDD of the Toshiba or the HP with the Dell to get it working right ahead, but the Dell is probably the oldest and slowest one.

For the HP and Toshiba: check with an external monitor, if something comes up
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