Question Is my laptop charger safe to use?

Mar 23, 2022
I have a white hp laptop that my parents got me for my birthday and around a year ago I dropped it while it was charging which made a crack and damaged a good part of the charger hole so whenever I tried plugging the charger in, it wouldn’t fit and fall out. I thought it was all over until I had a closer look in the hole the wires were pressed on one side so I used tweezers to try and spread the wire and it worked! So ever since then I can charge my laptop but only if I place the charger at an angle and it sits on the desk without any movement .

But now I’m abit worried cause last night we had a power outage so I just thought yeah that’s normal it will pass eventually this morning my dad woke me up real mad he was like what the f do you have plugged in ??? Don’t know how he knew it was me but I think the out the outage was caused by the cord and nw my laptop is dead I just want to play my games I have my whole life on it but I’m scared it will happen again, my question is if I keep using my charger is it still ok and what are the chances of that happening again

and also sometimes it makes a crackling noise and I once saw sparks coming out but hasn’t happened recently