Solved! Dell Laptop won't turn on.


May 31, 2014
I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000

The other night, I ran Advanced SystemCare. The next morning when I wake up and tried to turn on my laptop, it won't turn on.
I removed the battery and power adapter and held down the power button for 30 seconds. I did this a couple of times.
1. When I put the battery back in only, laptop won't turn on.
2. I plugged in the power adapter w/ battery in, still nothing. BUT, I see one white light on where it shows it's plugged in. The battery light itself is off.
3. When I remove the battery and leave it plugged in, the white light goes away.
No matter what though, laptop won't turn on.

Is it my mobo? Is it the battery? Is it the power adapter?

Any help would be appreciated.
Try removing the CMOS battery as well as the main battery, hold in the power button for about 30 seconds. Leave both batteries out and using wall power see if it turns on.