Question Laptop AC adapter not working and making a sound


Apr 23, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have bought a new replacement battery for my laptop, it does not seem to work. The powerbrick makes a strange sound when I plug it in the wall plug. I have recorded the audio, you can listen here
The AC has the correct requirements for my laptop except the output. The AC adapter output is 19V 6.3A but my laptop is 19V 6.32 A. Maybe that is the problem but I am not sure.

If anyone knows the problem. Let me know

I tried listening to your sound file, but don't hear a thing, even with the volume up fully.

The battery you bought, was it OEM or aftermarket? If aftermarket, that may well be your problem. They don't always work with the computer they are supposedly made for. And, to be honest, they aren't a wise choice. While they may be cheaper in cost, that is just because they are usually cheaper in quality. Which can lead to damage to your laptop.

If that is the case, I would return the battery, get your money back and purchase an OEM one. Then, if you still have any problems, look at the charger as a possible issue. Especially if, as with the battery, it isn't the one that is specifically for that device.

Aftermarket things are great for some parts, not laptop parts.