Question Asus G751J shuts off when I pull the power cord, AFTER I changed the battery for OEM replacement

Jan 29, 2020
Hi all, I recently got a used Asus G751J with a battery I knew was shot. Once I got it, I replaced the battery with a lovely OEM Asus brand replacement from BuyBatteryOnline, who seems to have every conceivable Asus laptop battery available. I figured that because of the state of the battery was why the laptop would instantly shut off if the power adapter was disconnected. It also wouldn't power on from battery.

Before I replaced the battery, it wold either show constantly charging, or 0%, so I assumed that replacing the battery would fix this instant shutoff problem. But that isn't the case as it still does the exact same thing, while showing 100% charge, and the indicator LED is a solid green instead of flashing orange.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the battery drivers, setting max CPU clock on battery under 20% and everything else I've heard people say to change in power plan settings, I've updated the BIOS, and I've tried holding down the power button while the computer is off for 40 seconds to I guess purge any capacitance from the system and do some kind of reset. I don't really know how the last one is supposed to work, but lots of people recommended that, so I did it.

I'm at a loss, and I really just want to know if it could be anything other than the power distribution on the MB.
So you went into the power settings and made sure it is set to be OK/not turn off when on battery?

Have you checked the location inside where the battery sits? Are the connections strong/tight and are the clear/undamaged?

The reset only works if no power is connected at all, and it must be held for at least 60 seconds. But I don't think that will help here.

If none of those works, then it may well be a power supply connection problem. In that case, you would need to have it looked at by a tech to see why the power from the battery is not going to the laptop.
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