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  1. T

    Solved! Instant shutdown on old games

    Hey guys, i have a problem i need to solve regarding my laptop. So i have an MSI GT72 6QD DOMINATOR gaming laptop that i bought nearly 5 years ago. And ive been using it until now, and it was just fine ,until i bought Total War Three Kingdom 2 weeks after it got released. Then my first instant...
  2. WHydoIdothis

    Solved! Asus G751J shuts off when I pull the power cord, AFTER I changed the battery for OEM replacement

    Hi all, I recently got a used Asus G751J with a battery I knew was shot. Once I got it, I replaced the battery with a lovely OEM Asus brand replacement from BuyBatteryOnline, who seems to have every conceivable Asus laptop battery available. I figured that because of the state of the battery was...
  3. C

    I think I solved my ‘laptop instantaneous shutdown’ problem. But it makes no sense. Please help.

    I am having a problem for 5 weeks that I can't solve and it's driving me crazy. By the end of the post, you’ll see why I need help from you guys. [EDIT: My warranty expires shortly. There are so many unexplained things, asked as 3 Qs at the end, that I have to assume this problem may recur...