Solved! Instant shutdown on old games

Feb 10, 2020
Hey guys, i have a problem i need to solve regarding my laptop.

So i have an MSI GT72 6QD DOMINATOR gaming laptop that i bought nearly 5 years ago.
And ive been using it until now, and it was just fine ,until i bought Total War Three Kingdom 2 weeks after it got released. Then my first instant shutdown started there.

For the first 6 hours of playing it was okay, right after that, the screen freeze and made a buzzing sound. Tried to restart it, went fine until i play the game again. That happened for like 2 more times, and the 3rd times it just instantly shutdown with no warning or whatever.

I decided to stop playing the game, and move back to total war warhammer 2 that i played more than 100hrs with no problem at all. Then all of a sudden it went instant shutdown just like the other one. And this happened so many times, even after the new update and dlc's, it still go instant shutdown. I was really looking forward to play the dlc's, and now i cant bc afraid it will happen again.

So, next i tried to make sure the other games are fine, but no, they are not. Now a lot of old games that ive been playing for a long time, i wont be able to play it anymore bc of it. Expect the Mass Effects Trilogy is kinda like the only game i can still play.

I tried to check things up wether it is having a power shortage, but its not, and i tried many ways too like outdated driver, or overheat. But i didnt help.

If anyone knows what is wrong with my laptop. If its bc of my laptop is old, or anything, that would help me so much. Please. So i can decide what to do.
might be a hardware fault

without the charger the laptop will usually use a lower energy profile, which doesn´t get the CPU/GPU as hot as with the charger plugged in.

Might be a battery issue

might be a charger issue
Feb 10, 2020
I havent tried playing without charger yet. How does that affect the laptop if its unplugged?

Im gonna try to reinstall the drivers from MSI homepage.

Do you know any reason why it happened like tht ?
Feb 10, 2020
Okay so i tried with no charger. And its still the same, instant shutdown 2 minutes on game. Next i tried to unplugged the battery. Well it got worse. Instant shutdown seconds after i start the game.

I was thinking maybe my computer is old. Or battery is bad and need replacement.
I tried to ask my friend . But no answer yet.

I really want to know what hapoen to this laptop before i change it .


Jan 7, 2020
I've been having random freezes too just lately, usually when playing high-end action games like Armed Assault, my computer fan started whirring in overdrive and soon after that the game froze solid on the screen and I had to switch of the power to get out of it.
The local computer shop diagnosed overheating which they said was caused by a small patch of paste between two PC components going brittle with age and losing its heat-insulating properties.
So they re-pasted it (charged me 40 GBP/60 USD, ouch) and the problem's fixed.

PS- it might be worth mentioning but I use a big 28" monitor; I'm not a tech expert but it crossed my mind that perhaps a big mon puts extra workload on the processor and makes it hotter?