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  1. D

    Solved! My Magnavox flat screen turns on but the buttons won't let us turn power down or change settings

    My Magnavox tv volume is sitting on the highest it can go and the remote won't work either will the buttons up
  2. X

    Lenovo X1 Carbon can"t turn on without AC power

    Hey, I'm using a Lenovo X1 carbon and I can't seem to turn on the computer without plugging it into AC power. But it can run normally once I plug in the power, but a lot slower than originally. However, the moment the power is unplugged, the computer dies again. Prior to this, there was a...
  3. R

    Reset tablet password

    Need to reset password but my tablet won't power down to do a hard reset.
  4. G

    Solved! My VHS/DVD Combi keeps randomly turning off and restarting

    I am needing help with regards to my Digilogic VHS/DVD Combi Player. It would switch off while watching/recording VHS es and DVDs. This happens quite frequently and frankly it's really annoying, especially when watching a movie. I have a JVC Smart T.V. and I am wondering if that is the cause...
  5. A

    Help Tablet being stupid

    Hi. Please help me, whenever I open an app on my Galaxy Tab A If freezes within a minute or right away and won't power down or reset! Any Troubleshooting Tips?
  6. Y

    Asus wont power on, blinking leds

    Straight to the point. Today my Asus X555L shut down itself and would not start. Power led and flight mode led would blink every second with no additional sound coming from the inside. I did disassemble it and saw the fan start to move every second, rhytmically, together with leds. Does anybody...
  7. A

    My tablet wont power down please help

    I can’t get my tab 2 to power down so i can get it out of safe mode. No buttons are stuck so I don’t know whats wrong
  8. D

    Black Screen Delay When Starting Up

    Hey! I’m kinda new to computers but recently built one, it’s been doing everything great up until recently, when when I start up then there would be a black screen for about a couple of minutes and then it would start, also I can’t shut it down from the start up menu, so I would have to hold the...
  9. M

    dell inspiron 15 3567 a chip got busted "help"

    my dell inspiron 15 3567 one of the chip "U3503" from motherbord got busted. I found a similar good chip. can anyone tell me what chip is this and how much will it cost to fix and how can I prevent It from busting again.here's a photo"...
  10. Rahid Rahaman

    Notebook Automatic Shutdown

    Hello, I am using HP Probook 450 G0 Model Notebook. From 2 days it is shutting down automatically in every 20 to 30 minutes. Is it a ram problem or the processor fan or the processor itself??? Plz help me... Thanks in advance... Rahid Rahaman
  11. T

    Laptop not turning on properly

    My asus laptop stopped functioning properly after I used a new charger. The charger's output is 19.5 volt and my laptop takes 19 volt. In the shop, my laptop was functioning properly with the new charger. I brought it home and left it charge all night since the battery was completely depleted of...
  12. BlazeMike

    Toshiba Satellite Radius P55w B5224 won't power on

    Hey all! So my friend recently said that his keyboard on this laptop wasn't working for a while now and he said he might've dropped it. So the lights on the keyboard have stopped along with the keyboard function itself he was managing with the touch keyboard... I said it might be a loose...
  13. F

    Frozen laptop won't turn off.

    Got a Dell something something laptop. Its windows 10. I was playing the game overwatch and it froze (rather unusual). I could still move the mouse and hear the game and chat. Tried control alt delete. Tried alt f4. Tried control alt tab. Tried Windows + l. Tried windows. Cannot close the...
  14. S

    Power down issue

    Hi i have a problem with my packard bell easynote ls 11hr it is working normally until fan speed goes really fast and then its shutting off its not a temperature problem hwmonitor shows 30-40 degrees on each core and chipset please help i dont have a GPU sensor becouse its on one cooling system
  15. B

    Tcl50" LCD flat screen

    The TV shut off while watching and I checked the power cord and turned it back on and it was upside down Looking for a solution or fix
  16. S

    MSI GT70 won't fully shut down

    Having problems when shutting down notebook. Whether I select to shutdown from the start menu or soft power down with the button the notebook doesn't fully power down. Sleep and hibernate are fully disabled and my power settings set for full shutdown. Windows seems to shut down, and the screen...
  17. C

    I purchased my tablet spring of 2016, I cannot turn it on, the power light (red will not go off. I cannot do anything, Need he

    nextbook ares 8 was purchased spring of 2016 from Walmart . I cannot reboot/reset because the power on light which is the red light will not turn off. I can not do anything
  18. J

    How to power down unresponsive laptop

    Windows 10 also not activated
  19. M

    Is this Hp Laptop Dead ????????

    Hi guys I have an HP ProBook 450 g2 acquired no more than 6 months ago. Recently, and after leaving it connected to the power for more than 24 hours with the battery installeed, it stopped responding. It doesn't start at all, not even the fans and the power led doesn't show any activity no...
  20. Y

    alcatel onetouch idol 3 will not power down

    I swipe the screen to access phone and nothing. I have pressed the power button and the volume key to restart and nothing. It refuses to let me in and refused to shutdown. How can I gain access and or shut it down and restart
  21. A

    getting blank screen only on Sony vaio sve14ac12Lat startup

    blank screen on Sony vaio sve14ac12l at startup.... machine does power down
  22. C

    AW 17 Windows Install Issues

    i went to reinstall windows on my aw 17 laptop but at end of install it said this version of windows was not compatible with my hardware.now every time i try to reboot,it goes to configuring windows and locks up at same screen.i have to power down by holding power button. i dont have any...
  23. R

    Gateway computer will not boot.

    Gateway computer will not boot. It was hung up on Windows "Welcome" screen after I tried to login. I had to power down and restart. Now it will not boot. After the "Gateway" screen it says: Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v12.2.0 Copyright (C) 2000-2009 Broadcom Corporation Copyright (C) 1997-2000...
  24. G

    please delete this

    please delete this
  25. P

    My laptop doesnt detect the ac power.

    Hello , i have a Lenovo yoga 700,14 inch , i7 skylake , 8gb ram ..blabla. and doesnt have warranty . 2 days ago it stopped detecting my power adapter. I buyed a new charger and still nothing. I also tryed to unplug the battery and plug back ..still nothing.. I have measured the voltage at the...
  26. P

    ASUS K55A Power's on, black screen -- won't power off unless remove battery

    My neighbors ASUS K55A laptop won't boot up, the power light is on, but it seems to be stuck on a black screen with no activity. It also won't power off unless I take out the battery. There's no reset button, I can't get to bios, I tried taking the battery out, pressing the power button then...
  27. A

    I need some help

    Insprion 1525 authorization pass code please.thank you. Tried a few different ones and it will power down after 3 tries
  28. C

    pioneer vsx d-409 power problem

    why does my pioneer vsx d409 turn on then say power down? mod edit: please do not create multiple threads for the same issue. copied below are your other posts:
  29. O

    Murphy TV - Model 32883 ID TV HD LCD Won't switch on. Standby light flashes 10x

    My tv has been playing up lately. It took 20 mins for it to switch on yesterday after leaving it on standby and trying the power button every few minutes. Eventually the backlight came on and then the tv as it usually does. Today, however no such luck. If I leave the tv off for 10-20 minutes...
  30. S

    Dell Latitude E5440 won't turn up, but charger is fine

    Hi, my laptop Dell Latitude E5440 does not turn on. The battery charger works fine. But when I plugged it in, the light under battery sign switched on only 1 second then off completely. The light on power button is on and off. I have tried to take out the battery and pressed the power more than...
  31. J

    PC makes a weird sound when I turn it off

    I recently built my first PC, all works fine except it makes a weird screeching noise. I don't know what this is and I am worried. My fans are working as that SAS s uggestion from a friend. I can supply a YouTube link of the sound! My build : http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/YP6tBm Yt link...
  32. U

    Intel HD 4000 driver causing Z500 laptop to power down at login

    This is an issue that started a few months back on my Lenovo Z500 Touch laptop and it's been bothering me greatly. A few months back my laptop randomly powered down while I was using it. There was no warning or bluescreen, as if the battery was pulled. Naturally I of course tried to power it...
  33. T

    Prevent Speaker's Standby Mode

    Hello, I recently bought a pair of Creative T40's. They are great speakers, but have this annoying "standby mode" in which they power down after being idle for 10 minutes. They do come right back on when I start playing a song, but there is a 3-5 second delay. My question: Is it possible...
  34. S

    Old Laptop powers unexpectedly off

    Hey people, I have a old laptop which I sort of fixed: the power plug was loose so I soldered the cable directly to the laptop. It's not an important laptop (Benq Joybook DH2100) so I didn't really stick to the general rules: grounding, don't touch the motherboard, don't short circuit leading to...
  35. R

    Laptop won't wake up from sleep, sometimes.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898. For about 6 months occasionally when my computer went to sleep mode I would have to power down to get it to come back on. Now sometimes when I power down or it goes to sleep it will not come out even when I power down. But randomly it will come on. I use it...
  36. J

    Problem dell inspirion laptop

    3 months old-from time to time the numbers only on laptop stop working-I have dragged fingers along looking for depressed key-no correction, have to power down/up computer-then all is operational-
  37. J

    Dell inspirion laptop numbers not working

    Hello, dell inspirion laptop numbers not working,acts as though physically button depressed locked, have to power down then become operational, have done this 2 twice over the last week
  38. S

    Philips 40pfl5706/f7 phantom images on screen random power down

    TV will random power down 1-2 times per week. Aso, see phantom images of screen flashing while watching. can still see screen fine but has phantom discolored images simultaneously. Has also recently started randomly having no video, but has audio. Any suggestions as what might be issue. local...
  39. K

    Acer 5520 problem

    Hello,My laptop has decided to turn off and on until it runs the power down. It did it last week I left it unplugged and an hour later it had decided to stay on. I carried on using it all last week when yesterday it did it again. Only this time it didnt right its self. Help.
  40. Philosopherbat

    Asus A3hf laptop starts up by itself

    Hello, No matter how I power down my laptop (Button or Soft) it always restarts from beinging switched off within the next 3-5 mins. I have flashed to latest BIOS, changed the RAM, changed the HD and reconfigurewd all the Power Mgt options... It happens on XP & 7 that I have checked.... No...
  41. Philosopherbat

    Asus A3hf laptop starts up by itself

    Hello, No matter how I power down my laptop (Button or Soft) it always restarts from beinging switched off within the next 3-5 mins. I have flashed to latest BIOS, changed the RAM, changed the HD and reconfigurewd all the Power Mgt options... It happens on XP & 7 that I have checked.... No...
  42. G

    Future Lightbulb will be One Glowing Molecule

    Carbon nanotubes generate photonic power down to the atomic level. Future Lightbulb will be One Glowing Molecule : Read more
  43. G

    Pull the plug ?

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) Getting ready to add a 2nd drive. To power down, do I just yank the power cord ? Is that the "on/off" button =)
  44. J

    can't power down model 3060

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) Suddenly, I am unable to turn the unit off. The green light stays on and the HD runs constantly. No video available from machine. Tried unplugging power supply overnight with same results. Any suggestions? John