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  1. B

    Solved! my android act weird, pausing videos, turn on by itself, keyboard turn off when texting

    so recently i woke up , i notice something weird is happening to my phone , im using samsung j7 price, i woke up , i watched a video on youtube and it pause by itself, even video in gallery, and when my android screen turn off , it turns on sometimes, and i text my friend , while im typing...
  2. kenzomenzo


    Hello , i need help with my laptop MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO I tried to remove the battery , and somehow i tried to turn on the laptop it wont power up , it need battery to plug in to power up. any idea how to Turn On this laptop without battery? i keep finding solution for this problem but...
  3. O

    Not turning on after sleep

    Sometimes, my laptop will not turn on after I close the lid. When I open it back, it will not turn on. The keyboard has light and only the turn on button and some battery lights will be on. I then have to force shut down the laptop for it to work again. Any ideas of why this happens?
  4. BlazeMike

    Toshiba Satellite Radius P55w B5224 won't power on

    Hey all! So my friend recently said that his keyboard on this laptop wasn't working for a while now and he said he might've dropped it. So the lights on the keyboard have stopped along with the keyboard function itself he was managing with the touch keyboard... I said it might be a loose...
  5. D

    Solved! Gateway Laptop NV77H23u will not power on

    I noticed it's been freezing up sometimes just to note. I shut it down about 2 weeks ago it wouldn't turn back on. The blue power light blinked a few times and then nothing. So I unplugged it, took out the battery and held the power button down for 30 secs and put the battery back in plugged it...
  6. M

    Galaxy A3 (2016) won't turn on

    This happened some time ago and for some reason it just turned on but now it won't, i tried using a different charger and cable, i tried using my computer to turn it on but it doesn't work. I can't take out the battery because the back of my phone is not meant to come off, what should I do...
  7. T

    Toshiba Satellite laptop power button blinks white and wont turn on

    My laptop won't turn on and when I press the power button, the light flashes white about 5 times and goes off again. I've left it overnight and nothing changed. I took out the battery and even left it on charge when trying to restart it but nothing has happened so far. And when I plug the...
  8. D

    Asus laptop not turning on

    i have a strange issuse with my laptop. It doesnt turn on unless i move ribbon cable for the keyboard. Then it turns on and the keyboard works fine. But then if it turns off again or goes to sleep it no longer works unless i do that again. Is there a way to fix this. thanks
  9. Z

    Lenovo won't turn on from sleep but light is flashing

    I put my Lenovo laptop into sleep last night, this morning, the power button is flashing to indicate it is in sleep mode, but it will not wake up. I have tried wiggling the mouse, clocking lots of buttons, clicking the power button, and even holding down the power button to do a complete shut...
  10. K

    2014 Alienware 17x Power Plug Issue

    My computer spec, "430-XYGR : Power DVD 9.6 BD, 3D,V2 "451-BBCB : 8-cell Lithium Ion (86 wHr) Ba ttery "470-AAKG : US 125V Power Cord "619-ACNF : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Eng lish "658-BBNS : System Software for Alienware M17xR1 "340-ADEL : Alienware 17 Anodized Aluminum "370-AANP : 32GB Dual...
  11. D

    Fujitsu ah530 laptop won't turn on.

    Hi everyone. I recently plugged my laptop with another charger and it went off and didn't turn on again. 10 sec before my laptop was ok. I tried again with my charger but nothing. I tried removing the battery and press the button for 30sec - 2min nothing again. When i plugg in my charger a spark...
  12. E

    My Asus x551m Won't Turn On.

    I was looking at the insides observing the headphone port because it was loose and while doing so it shut off. I was unable to get a good look cause two screws don't want to come out and I am trying to figure out what's wrong.
  13. G

    HP 15-R213NA (Refurbished) - Won't power on

    When plugged in with the battery OUT it gives a solid white power LED, plugged in with battery IN gives solid orange light, power button changes to solid white, still doesn't power on. When power button is pressed the power light flashes white and the wifi button light flashes orange, further...