Question Asus not turning on

Dec 21, 2020
I have Asus x751lx laptop ,I got it 4 years ago,I have cleaned it multiple times this time wasnt any different,I opened it up carefully unplugged the cables,unscrewed the motherboard and took off heat sink with fan,cleaned it and placed new thermal paste placed everything back in,screwed it and started plugging in the cables,with battery cable being last,once I plugged back in the battery cable,LED that indicates battery status flashed once,It never did that before,now laptop wont turn on at all,even when its plugged in directly in the outlet its not giving and LED indications.Power adapter is giving voltage same as battery but when I press power switch nothing happens.Is it possible that there was some kind of powersurge from battery that fried something on the motherboard or is it something I am missing,also there are no signs of anything that would indicate frying like blackspots,or smell or even fried components,If anyone knows any possible solution help would be appreciated.
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Jul 7, 2020
Did you follow sound anti-static (ESD) precautions when you were inside the machine? If not, there is a chance you fried something inside due to a spark from your body like you get when you touch a door knob after walking across a carpet. Note that the voltage needed to damage parts is not high enough that you would necessarily feel it. I'm not sure why people feel they need to clean their laptops. That is rarely needed and if done improperly can result in a dead machine. That may be what happened to you. It probably needs to go to a repair shop or the manufacturer for diagnosis and repair, I'm afraid. ESD damage to a chip will not be physically noticable. I really hate seeing all the youtube videos that show machines being worked on without taking the proper precautions. Having worked in aerospace for many years, I can testify that no manufacturers operate in that manner.

It may be something else such as a bad cable connection, broken cable or some other problem, but I suspect you fried something. Sorry.
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