Nov 26, 2020
Hey all, I’m having trouble powering up my ASUS laptop. I just came back from Korea and I got home ready to use my laptop, except for how cold it was. I powered it up and the lights turned on, the drive sound came on, oh how I missed this sound.

And then it powers off and i hear a click. I sat it in front of a heater for a little to warm it up but no use. Not sure what to do, any Suggestions?
Operating outside the manufacturers stated temp range can (rarely) lead to permanent damage. You can also get internal condensation from the warm air hitting the cold laptop. After you have let it sit for a day to dry out, what happens? Will it still not start? Can you hear the HD spin up? The "click" may have just been the HD parking or something more serious. How cold was the machine? Below freezing?